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Here are the ten most trending travel destinations on the planet

Here are the ten most trending travel destinations on the planet

Here are the ten most trending travel destinations on the planet
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By Pradeep Suresh  Jul 30, 2018 7:53:09 PM IST (Updated)

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People prefer travelling to lesser known destinations rather than clichéd destinations, revealed the survey by popular travel media company EARTH. In its report on ten most popular travel destination among people Tulum, Mexico came at the top followed by exotic sites across the globe. Here is the details of these destinations that has topped the ranking.

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Tulim, Mexico: Topping the chart is the Mexican coastal town of Tulum. Situated on the southern side of the country it faces the Caribbean sea. The city, which traces its origin to Mayan days is home to many Mayan sites along with a sprawling coastline that attracts millions across the globe. (earth@Instagram)

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Amsterdam, Netherlands: One highly known and popular destination that made it to the list was the capital of Netherlands. The liberal lifestyle, the tag of being the sin city and beautiful have always ensured the city remained popular among the hearts of travelers across the globe.(earth@Instagram)

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Greek islands, Greece: With vast coastlines, historical sites and mouthwatering cuisine Greek islands are gaining popularity across the globe as a must go destination. Destinations such as Santorini, Mykonos, Milos and Zakynthos make the country a must go place for all. (earth@Instagram)

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Mexico City, Mexico: Coming at fourth is the Mexican capital that is an ideal mix of culture, cuisine and sites. One of the most populated city in the planet, the Mexican capital has long legacy behind it back from the days of Aztec empire that flourished in the region. (earth@Instagram)

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Maldives: Tucked in the Indian Ocean, Maldives is an archipelago consisting of numerous small islands. Off late the islands with their beautiful beaches, sands and coral reefs have become a favorite among globe trotters. (earth@Instagram)

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Algarve, Portugal: Beyond the vibrant culture of its capital Lisbon, Portugal now offers world the beauty of coastal Algarve. The destination tucked in the southern region has beautiful red sandstone cliffs and sea caves to offer along with beautiful beaches. (earth@Instagram)

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Marrakech, Morocco: One of the largest cities in the country, Marrakech is gaining fame across tourist circles. The Berber city still retains the old world charm that is personified by its it old school markets and Maghreb architecture.(earth@Instagram)

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Positano, Italy: A well-known destination for over seven decades, the Italian town has everything a tourist would look for. From sandy beaches to a stunning village situated on the Cliffside, the site is simply a pleasure to watch. (earth@Instagram)

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Cappadocia, Turkey: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cappadocia is a stunning destination characterised by beauty. It is notable for hot air balloons that often fills its skyline. (earth@Instagram)

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Bali, Indonesia: Bali is a complete package for visitors. From sun kissed beaches to ancient monuments, from late night parties to traditional festivals the island will satisfy all. (earth@Instagram)

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