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    Metaverse Innovations: A glimpse of what the virtual universe could look like in future

    Metaverse Innovations: A glimpse of what the virtual universe could look like in future

    Metaverse Innovations: A glimpse of what the virtual universe could look like in future
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    The metaverse, rapidly gaining traction in 2022, could well change the way we interact with the world--and each other.

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    A lot has been said about the metaverse and its potential to enhance our lives in the future. While we know that metaverse is a virtual universe where you can interact, shop or even participate in events via your avatar, there is a lot more happening. We have already seen how technology, in general, has put forth solutions to almost all our problems. And the metaverse is only expected to augment our way of living further. Here are nine innovations from the metaverse that could have meaningful consequences in the real world:

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    Physical interactions in a virtual world: Many companies are trying to crack the intractability aspect of the metaverse. Strides have been made in the ‘gesture-based casting and manipulation of virtual content’ domain. This technology will allow users to undertake real-world actions like throwing, pinching, or even engaging with objects in the metaverse. (Image: AP)

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    Remote working potential: COVID-19 has already given us a sense of what working in a virtual environment feels like. Apps like Zoom, Teams, and the like have allowed people to continue their work from the security of their homes. Now, companies like Microsoft are working on creating a virtual workspace where people can perform regular office activities in the metaverse using avatars.

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    Virtual self-image: Meta is working on a technology that focuses on ‘generating accurate and realistic clothing’. This technology will wrinkle and deform your avatar's clothing as they move. This will be made possible with the help of sensors that detect body movement and morph clothing accordingly. (Image: Reuters)

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    Clothing that lets you feel interactions in the metaverse: At the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a Spanish start-up, Owo, unveiled their metaverse jacket. The jacket is equipped with sensors that allow wearers to feel hugs or even punches in virtual reality. This can make it possible to feel the presence of loved ones, even though they are hundreds or thousands of kilometers away. (Representative Image; AP)

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    Share your view: Another patent that Meta is working on is ‘spectator imaging’. This technology allows people to share their views of something with anyone else. Live concerts are the perfect example, where you can invite a friend or family member to experience the concert from the comfort of their home.

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    Sharing body movement data: Meta is working on a technology that will allow them to track minute body movements, right from a person’s eyes to the different appendages of their body. This will enable a person to have an even more immersive experience in the metaverse. (Representative image: AP)

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    Bringing learning into the virtual world: A company called Pathway is working on creating a transparent whiteboard with an inbuilt camera. The ‘eGlass’ will capture the teacher’s face and the notes on the whiteboard in the same video. This can then be streamed to students in the classroom and their homes for remote learning.

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    Table-top games in the virtual world: Tilt Five, a Silicon Valley-based gaming firm, is working on augmented reality (AR) table games via their proprietary AR glasses. The glasses will use tiny projectors to beam video onto a specialized gaming table, reflecting 3D imagery to the wearer. The glasses will also have applications beyond gaming in the future. (Representative image: Reuters)

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    Virtual learning in multiple languages: Hour One, a renowned provider of synthetic characters based on real-life people, is working on photo-realistic avatars that can read the text in 20 languages. This aims to help businesses turn scripts into video presentations that could be understood in multiple countries.

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