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Motilal Oswal
November 10, 2018 05:55 PM IST | Economy

The joke is on Delhi, the pollution capital of the world

There is nothing funny about air pollution or its effects on the human body. The ever-worsening Delhi pollution, however, is fodder for jokes.

Memes and cartoon on the national capital’s air flooded social media a day after Diwali -- the day Delhi’s air slipped to ‘hazardous’ category. A clean pair of lungs installed in Gangaram Hospital turned black. Many studies have claimed that Delhi has world’s most polluted air. It’s a result of years of negligence and policy paralysis. Despite an increase in instances of respiratory problems among city dwellers, there is no concrete plan in place to improve the situation. Temporary measure such as Odd-Even are not enough to clean up city’s air. Lack of political willingness in prioritizing it is also apparent.

Humour, dark humour, it seems, is the only bright side to this tragedy of errors. In the city that breathes world’s filthiest air, it’s only apt that air pollution becomes a tool to identify its landmarks. We try to reimagine names of city’s famous streets to highlight what Delhi has become.

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