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This Indian restaurant features among the top 60 in the world

Updated : 2019-06-26 16:26:14

Mirazur bagged the top honours at the World's 50 Best Restaurants awards ceremony held in Singapore on Tuesday. Launched in 2002, the top restaurant list has grown in prominence to rival the long-established Michelin star system. Only one Indian restaurant featured in the top 60 list revealed at the ceremony in Singapore

 60: Indian Accent , Delhi, India. (Image source:
60: Indian Accent, Delhi, India. (Image source:
 1: Mirazur , France. (Image source:
1: Mirazur, France. (Image source:
 2: Noma , Copenhagen, Denmark. (Image source:
2: Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark. (Image source:
 3: Asador Etxebarri ,  Spain. (Image source:
3: Asador Etxebarri,  Spain. (Image source:
 4: Gaggan , Bangkok, Thailand. (Image source:
4: Gaggan, Bangkok, Thailand. (Image source:
 5: Geranium , Copenhagen, Denmark. (Image source:
5: Geranium, Copenhagen, Denmark. (Image source:
 6: Central , Lima, Peru. (Image source:
6: Central, Lima, Peru. (Image source:
 7: Mugaritz , San Sebastian, Spain. (Image source:
7: Mugaritz, San Sebastian, Spain. (Image source:
 8: Arpège , Paris, France. (Image source:
8: Arpège, Paris, France. (Image source:
 9: Disfrutar , Barcelona, Spain. (Image source:
9: Disfrutar, Barcelona, Spain. (Image source:
 10: Maido , Lima, Peru. (Image source:
10: Maido, Lima, Peru. (Image source:
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