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    In Pictures: Here are 10 places in Asia that everyone should visit

    In Pictures: Here are 10 places in Asia that everyone should visit

    In Pictures: Here are 10 places in Asia that everyone should visit
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    By Pradeep Suresh   IST (Published)

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    Asia, the largest continent, is also the land of civilizations. The continent is filled with beautiful locales, monuments and cities, attracting millions of people. Here are the ten places in the continent that every traveller should experience, as per popular travel magazine Lonely Planet.

    1024px-Terracotta_Army_(6143540580) wiki
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    10: Army of Terracotta Warriors, China:  The terracotta warriors have been standing guard for Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China for the past 2,000 years. Thousands visit the site every day to watch the warriors and their eternal watch for their emperor. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

    In this Sunday, Sept. 1, 2019 photo, a man sets up his camera in the Victoria Peak area to photograph Hong Kong's skyline. Life is not quite normal after three months of steady protests in the Asian financial center - and yet normal life goes on, as it must, for the city’s 7.4 million residents. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)
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    9: Hong Kong's skyline: The megapolis may have been in news for all the wrong reasons in recent times, but it is still a must-visit place for any traveller. The most stunning views can be enjoyed from the iconic Victoria Peak in the city. (AP Photo)

    1024px-Khongoryn_Els,_Gurvansaikhan_NP,_Gobi_desert,_Mongolia wiki
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    8: Gobi Desert, Mongolia: Once infamous for its bandits and climate that was a nightmare for travellers, the desert is now a destination that provides a unique experience to thrill-seekers. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

    800px-Japan_2006_-_Kyoto_-_Toji_Pagoda wiki
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    7: Kyoto's Temples & Gardens, Japan: With over a thousand temples, ranging from the grand Kinkaku-ji temple to Ginkaku-ji, Ryōan-ji and Tōfuku-ji that are famous for its gardens, the city with its rich tradition is aesthetically pleasing. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

    1920px-Halong_Bay_panorama wiki
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    6: Hạ Long Bay, Vietnam: Besides being a popular tourist destination, the site is also is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With over 2,000 islands and stunning beaches, this site is a must-visit place for travellers. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

    711px-Han_Dynasty_Granary_west_of_Dunhuang wiki
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    5: The Silk Road: Spanning across the continent, the route was the meeting point between the East and the west. While the trade and commerce have shifted to modern methods, the route is still a treasure for history buffs. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

    330px-Mount_Everest_morning wiki
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    4: Mount Everest, Nepal: The tallest peak in the world has been enchanting adventurers across the globe since its discovery. While visiting the peak is something that many covet only a lucky few actually achieve it, often risking their very life. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

    450px-Cambodia_2638B_-_Angkor_Wat wiki
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    3: Siem Reap, Cambodia: The Cambodian city is not just famous for its grand temples such as the Angkor Vat but is also a popular resort town that is known for its museums, history and nightlife. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

    9 / 10

    2: The Great Wall, China: One of the wonders of the world the barrier, once meant to protect China from foreign raids is now visited by thousands every day. Rather than just being a stone structure, the wall now is seen as a symbol of Chinese diligence, ambition and vision. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

    1024px-Taj_Mahal_(Edited) wiki
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    1: Taj Mahal, Agra: The monument, located on the banks of Yamuna,  is rated as the greatest manmade structure in the planet. The architectural wonder, built by Emperor Shah Jahan as a monument for his wife Mumtaz Mahal, is arguably the greatest symbol of love. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

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