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Modify your Will with a Codicil

Updated : June 12, 2019 04:17 PM IST

You could write a new will and discard the older version. But the process is not easy when our Wills are long. But there is help at hand. You can amend your earlier will. Such an amendment is called a codicil.
The Indian Succession Act 1925 defines Codicil as an instrument made in relation to a will, and explaining, altering or adding to its dispositions, and shall be deemed to form part of the will.
If the Will is revoked by the testator himself or declared void by a competent court, then the codicils attached to it also become void as the addendum itself is a continual document and hence with a change in the base document, the continual document loses relevance.
Modify your Will with a Codicil

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