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    Important things to keep in mind if you want a hassle-free monsoon drive

    Important things to keep in mind if you want a hassle-free monsoon drive

    Important things to keep in mind if you want a hassle-free monsoon drive
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    By CNBCTV18.com Contributor  IST (Published)


    to ensure you have a trouble-free ride, here is a checklist to make your car ready before driving in the rain.

    The rains are here bringing much-needed relief from the scorching heat. Many people have already started making plans for a quick getaway to the hill station over the weekend or a long drive to enjoy the monsoon. Not to forget, rains are the best and the worst weather to drive in. While the cloudy weather makes for a beautiful drive, waterlogged streets and low visibility might turn it into a rough ride for you.
    Therefore, to avoid bitter situations it is always advisable to keep in mind safety precautions especially if you are visiting the beaches or hilly areas during rains. Hence, to ensure you have a trouble-free ride, here is a checklist to make your car ready before driving in the rain.
    Check tyres regularly
    : Keeping your tyres in check regularly is extremely important to avoid car spin/skid or getting it out of control. Therefore, replace the worn-out tires of your car and keep them inflated to the required pressure.
    Check if the car’s headlights and taillights are working properly: Proper working of car lights, including the parking lamps, brake lights, number plate lights and indicators, is important during the rainy season. This will ensure that it lights up your drive path clearly and give a proper indication to other drivers about your direction.
    Checking the Battery: Car batteries get strained during the monsoon as heavy rains result in more use of lights and wipers. Hence, keep a check on the batteries and replaced them beforehand if needed to avoid being stranded in the middle of the storm or heavy rains.
    Ensure Brakes are functioning properly: Brakes become less effective when they become wet or damp. Water damages the internal parts of the vehicle resulting in an adverse impact on the brakes. Properly functioning of brakes is a necessity to avoid an increase in braking distances and failure.
    Buy a comprehensive car insurance policy: Damages to your car due to flood or waterlogging can burn holes in your pocket if the car is not covered with your own damage insurance. Rains can also damage the interior and exterior of your car. Therefore, to avoid any possibility of financial loss on account of damage, it is wise to keep the car always covered with a comprehensive insurance policy and with the right set of add-ons. Therefore, to protect/limit your financial liability of vehicle from problems like bust tyres, car breakdown, engine damage due to water clogging or any other monsoon-related problems, you may purchase add-ons like:
    Engine Protection Cover: The probability of engine damage from driving on water-clogged roads in cars with lower ground clearance is always high. It goes without saying that an engine is the costliest part of a car and replacement or maintenance of it is quite expensive. Therefore, getting this add-on cover becomes all the more necessary for you to avoid any repair expenses.
    Consumables Cover: Driving cars on pothole-filled roads results in rusted nuts, bolts, gears etc. in the car. While the cost of an individual item might be low, the combined cost can be a few thousand. You will be guarded against such costs by opting for a consumables cover.
    Tyre Protect Cover: Tyres go through a lot of wear and tear especially during monsoons. This add-on ensures that in case of any damage to your car tyre(s), full labour charges and tyre replacement costs are covered.
    24 hours Roadside Assistance Cover: This cover helps you when you need roadside assistance in case you are stuck on the road due to a car breakdown. With this add-on cover, you can receive assistance from your insurer by making a phone call.
    Emergency Hotel Accommodation Cover: If you meet with an accident in your car perhaps on a long drive or monsoon getaway and need emergency lodging, then with Emergency Hotel Accommodation Cover you will receive an allowance towards your hotel room rent.
    EMI Protection Cover: It is likely that you might have to send your car for repair if damaged by rain. If your car is in a garage for more than 21 consecutive days, and you are unable to use the car then this add-on will cover your car's EMIs and pays them to the financer.
    Driving during monsoon would not be stressful if you follow the above checklist and are fully covered with a comprehensive motor insurance policy. However, it is always important to be mindful of the surroundings while driving.
    The author Rakesh Jain is the Chief Executive Officer at Reliance General Insurance.
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