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Clear launches Clear Pro app for tax professionals; here's how to use it


Clear, formerly ClearTax, has launched the Clear Pro app to help tax professionals to communicate with clients, track and share filing status, and do several other works.

Clear launches Clear Pro app for tax professionals; here's how to use it
Clear (from the makers of Cleartax) has launched Clear Pro, a mobile app for tax professionals to deliver timely compliance for clients with ease.
With the Clear Tax Pro’s client communication feature, tax professionals can send reminders to all clients for sharing data to file taxes in a single click. It enables tax experts to send emails to all clients with a single click and initiate WhatsApp communications, Clear said in a statement.
Besides communicating with clients, the app lets tax experts check GST filing status, and create, track and share challans - all in bulk for multiple clients in one go.
The app also helps tax professionals save money for their clients through an intelligent recommendation model, which suggests the right path for creating a challan. When creating challan, the app prompts whether the challan creation option selected is efficient. If it is not the optimal method, then the app shows how much money can be saved by selecting the other options, the company said.
Here are the steps to use ClearPro:
Step 1
: Login to ClearPro using Clear credentials or Google credentials
Step 2: Add all your clients by scanning them through “scan to add clients” feature on the app
Step 3: Add email ID and phone numbers across all your clients from the app or copy paste by logging into
Step 4: Send data request reminders to all your clients in a single click from the “Bulk actions → Send reminders tab”
Step 5: Check filing status of all clients in seconds from the GST filing tracker feature of the app
Step 6: Download and share GST reports using captcha through the GST reports feature of the app
Step 7: Create, check status and share challans in bulk in a few clicks for multiple clients from the “Challan dashboard” feature of the app
Clear Pro also offers features like ‘News at a glance’ and ‘Compliance calendar’. Tax professionals can track all filing deadlines and extended due dates directly from the app’s calendar for GST, ITR and ROC.
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