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Workshop Date - 27, 28 & 29th May 2022

Invest Wise:
Learn, Earn & Grow

CNBC-TV18 in collaboration with MalkansView institutes a first of its kind paid investor camp Invest Wise: Learn, Earn & Grow in partnership with CFBP.

The three-day workshop aims to equip investors with the right technical skillset which ensures that none of the emotional quotients like greed and fear comes in their way of trading.

The sole objective of this platform is to help more and more Indians mature their mindsets to be able to differentiate sound from the noise and act to dynamic market conditions with the only motto to achieve financial independence.


The Speakers

Shereen Bhan

She has over 17 years of experience in the field of TV Broadcast, 16 of which were spent in tracking news and events that defined the business landscape in India. For over a decade now, she has been producing and anchoring flagship daily news shows like 'India Business Hour' and 'What's Hot'.

Anuj Singhal

He is the co-anchor of CNBC-TV18's super prime time shows 'Bazaar' and 'Closing Bell'. He has been the face of the markets on Indian business television. Anuj heads the Markets Desk on CNBC-TV18 and is responsible for the market band programming.

Nilesh Shah

Nilesh Shah is Group President & Managing Director of Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Co. Ltd. He has over 30 years of experience in capital markets having worked in ICICI Group, Axis Bank Group and Franklin Templeton.

Shankar Sharma

He has been widely quoted in the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Financial Times, and has been a guest on several shows on finance and markets on several channels in India and abroad. He has been called "The Alchemist of Dalal Street" by Forbes magazine.

Swapnil Kothari

He is the founder and managing partner of his law firm, “S. Kothari & Co. (Advocates & Solicitors)” and practising in Mumbai since two decades. He is also a member of IMC’s Law Committee, and the President of Council for Fair Business Practices, a renowned NGO dealing with the cause of the consumer.

Sonu Sharma

He is the founder of Dynamic India Group. He is an author, educator, business counsellor, and productive business entrepreneur. More than a million people have benefited from his dynamic workshops in India and 1 billion have watched him on various online platforms across 114 countries.


Our Coaches

Vishal Malkan

VISHAL is one of the top coaches in the areas of stock trading and personal transformation.
Venturing into this journey at the young age of 16, he experienced the thick and thins of the stock market before achieving success as a trader.
During the 26 years of his trading career he learnt various theories, approaches and concepts only to realize that it need not be this complex.
He has made it a personal mission to help a common man understand and trade the stock markets with the help of systems so simple that even a 10-year old child can understand them.
Vishal’s passion and natural leadership skills have helped propel him into a successful trainer, coach and a role model.

Meghana Malkan

MEGHANA, a trading and performance coach broke all her preconceived notions about the markets.
She migrated successfully from a law background into the stock markets which was a culture shock
for her.
In her endeavor to find the trader in herself, she realized that success at trading is more about having
the right mindset than anything else.
Her strength as a coach lies in helping aspiring traders to perform at their highest potential in stock
trading and also in life.



  • Day 1

    27 May 2022

  • Day 2

    28 May 2022

  • Day 3

    29 May 2022

Agenda For Day 1

On the first day or the Foundation Day of the workshop, the focus would be on laying building blocks for being a successful investor. Here investors would be given first-hand experience of the cash flow quadrant, understanding various investing milestones, managing risks, and understanding the two branches of analysis Technical & Fundamentals.

Agenda for Day 2

On the second day or Strategy Day, the spotlight will be put on spotlight on trade management, deriving wealth creation strategy, beating the market volatility, capturing momentum trades leading up all the way to curating trading business plan.

Agenda For Day 3

The last and the final day or Integration Day of the camp will help you visualise peak performance of an investment, a recap of trading strategies, using swing trading for short term gains, joining the dots by understanding the entire trade framework and culminating the camp with the journey of PRO Trader.


Why Attend This Event


Join thousands of people from all walks of life: entrepreneurs, doctors, spiritual healers, professionals, executives, creatives, coaches, leaders, dreamers, visionaries, students, seekers, athletes… the list goes on.


Identify and destroy the limiting beliefs about money and stock markets that prevent you from moving on to another level financially!


Break through the myths of trading and investing to carve out the financial future you always desired.


Create unlimited opportunities for wealth creation and preservation so you can live the life of your dreams.


Understand the simple risk management formula that successful traders and investors use to create massive wealth.


Master simple trading strategies for regular income generation as well as wealth creation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend the program?

This program can be attended by anyone, without any background in finance, be it a home maker, a lawyer, a doctor, chartered accountant or even a student.

Will you be starting with basics or do we need to have some knowledge about trading?

We will be starting right from zero level & advance level right up to implementation level, so that it becomes easy for you. You shall also have access to our basic program called Stock Trading Secrets which will cover the basic aspects of the training so that you can prepare well before you come for the program.

Will it be in English or Hindi or both?

It will be a mix of Hindi plus English language so that everybody can take advantage of the same.

Will the recording be available for the same.

It's a LIVE workshop. The recording will not be available, so it's better that you plan your schedule and attend all sessions live.

Will the Trading Strategies be for Intraday, Short Term or Long Term?

There will be three trading strategies which will cover all three aspects of trading along with training on mindset as well as risk management.

Will I need specific computer or laptop?

You just need a basic computer or a smartphone with a good internet connection and a camera connectivity.

What is the age limit to attend this event?

Anyone right from 10 years up to 90 years can attend and enjoy the event. The learning is not limited to just the stock market. One can apply it to other areas of life as well.

What do I need to prepare before the event?

We will be sending you a Swag Box for your use during the event, so we urge you to book your tickets well in advance.

What would be the timings of the event?

The event shall run from 09 am to 5 pm on all three days. It may extend by an hour or so.

Please note:

​If multiple members of family are attending the event, please do so from the same login. Please avoid using multiple logins from multiple locations.

Please have your camera SWITCHED ON throughout the event since it's a live interactive workshop.