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About front runners

Research claims that a physically fit CEO will in all likelihood run a financially-fit corporation.

But when you’re running a multi-million dollar empire, time is a resource that isn’t freely available.

Despite the odds, several corporate honchos have tried to test their limits and stay healthy by running regularly and even participating in marathons year after year and become ‘marathon managers’.

In this show, we catch up with some of the country’s fittest ‘marathon managers’ and quiz them about how running impacts their business. We explore their fitness journeys, reveal their fitness mantras, and uncover how they balance their personal and professional lives.


About anchor Shibani Gharat

Journalist and fitness enthusiast Shibani Gharat consistently engages in multiple endurance activities. She is an avid marathon runner and has even completed the 72K Khardung La challenge.

She also has a dedicated show on fitness called Stay Fit—a weekly digital video property on CNBCTV18.com where she covers everything from fitness routines to healthy food.

On Front Runners, watch her in conversation with some of the top C-suite executives in India as they reveal how running helps them conquer the sphere of business.

About frontrunner
Joy of running

ASICS—The Joy of Running

The Joy of Running initiative by ASICS marks a national call for people to get inspired to run without a finish line and propagate this habit for the joy of running itself.

For some, it is a spiritual experience, for others, running means freedom. For many, it’s a way to spend time with their loved ones. Through each example, you get a different perspective and insight into the whole experience of running and the meaning it carries for people.

Discover the role that running plays in people’s lives and how it can be much more than just a routine exercise with a like-minded community.

Anyone can run; you just need the right shoes and spirit.