Every now and then, a company emerges out of the blue and turns a market on its head. These are brands that are able to connect the dots and see the big picture. They are able to spot early on vital trends that are likely to play out in the future. They have a knack of presaging consumer habits and solving the pain points. They have the foresight to explore the fault lines and conflicts shaping their industries.

These brands focus on strategic expansion beyond traditional boundaries. They innovate by taking new approaches to the customer experience.

These are the Disruptors.

CNBC-TV18 and CNBCTV18.com are launching a TV and web series that will tell you the exciting stories of young achievers who have created innovative brands and disrupted the market to become genuine game changers in India. Disruptors is a collection of brands that have used new technology, smart strategies or pure business acumen to change the way we live today. They have carved a niche within an existing category or created a new one of their own.

Each episode will feature one such successful company and the individuals behind it. The list will contain plenty of untold tales, the victories—small and big—of the founders, and behind-the-scenes accounts of their incredible journey. Join us for great conversations on brand strategy, business growth and building customers. Disruptors will decode the secrets and what it takes to become a market leader.


Shyam Bagri and
Aditya Bagri
Founder & Director, Bagrry’s
Muesli and oats are among the top health foods that are dominating the market today. But one homegrown company had the foresight to pioneer the creation of these products in India back in the 1990s; long before the Internet revolution—Bagrry’s. The Bagrry’s group is one of India’s leading suppliers of cereal-based products with a lineage of over 50 years in food processing. Standing strong at a current revenue of Rs 180 crores, they not only disrupted the market to stand tall alongside competitors such as Kellogg’s, but they also created a niche for themselves with their philosophy of honest health and nutrition.

Their story began with one plant in Delhi back in 1979 where they started out by using just spare products of their family’s other flour mills. Soon, their B2B division was supplying raw materials to companies such as Nestle, GlaxoSmithKline and Britannia. They then diversified into a B2C business launching their range of cereals, muesli and oats. Going from just Rs 2 crore in revenue in 2000 into a Rs 180-crore brand by 2018 is proof of the brand’s successful evolution. It’s now present in 70,000 retail outlets in India, in addition to e-commerce platforms widening its consumer base by breaking geographical barriers. And still, their story is just beginning.

They are always working on bringing alive their vision to provide innovative products which can cater to modern nutritional needs.