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About Digital Bharat 2.0

India has been fostering technological revolutions for decades, and the transformation towards a digitalised future has been slowly but steadily growing from the grassroots. Over the last two years, it is the seeds of this transformation that were planted over decades that have resulted in the economy recovering and bouncing back stronger than ever before.

Cloud computing has been at the front and centre of this digitalisation journey and has provided businesses with the opportunity to scale their growth and improve future preparedness in a digital-first environment. AWS has been an enabler for enterprises in their digital transformation by providing tailored and unique solutions to geographies and businesses across verticals.

To enhance the digital capabilities and develop a robust tech-backed infrastructure, Digital Bharat 2.0 will be a support mechanism for enterprises of tomorrow and will create a strong community for them. The series will empower businesses across sectors, especially the SMEs to keep their lights on as the first milestone towards business resilience. It will also help in a smooth transition to the next phase of an economic turnaround with the requisite tech support.

Accelerate your business outcomes with AWS Cloud and AWS Marketplace. Efficiently and easily grow to reach new customers, strengthen relationships with existing customers, gain audience insights, streamline your operations, or make your IT environment more secure, our solutions can help you achieve your business goals.

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It aims at empowering, enabling and uplifting businesses to begin their digitalisation journeys, while catering to their unique needs. The program simplifies the process for businesses to move online with cloud computing solutions, and provide services like storage, delivery and assisted shopping services.

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Amazon Digital Suite for SMB is a set of easy to use software powered by AWS, designed to meet your business needs, available at attractive price points, and with dedicated support. Move at the speed of your customers. Leverage cloud solutions and build a Future-Ready Business. SMBs today are adopting new working models and shifting to a digital world. The right technology becomes a critical asset to enable them to respond faster to customer needs, improve products and services, and reduce costs.

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  • Dec 08

    Cloud Security in the Digital Era

    Explore how enterprises are addressing Cloud security & compliance requirements using advanced tech solutions.

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  • Embracing New Technologies for Continuous Transformation

    Explore advanced technology solutions to address unique challenges businesses face today.

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  • Digitising Your Business

    To empower SMBs and help them leverage their business in the right direction, this special masterclass on “Digitising Your Business” is an easy and comprehensive guide for small and medium businesses

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  • Protecting Your Business from Cyber Attacks & Data Breaches

    Cyberattacks and data breaches have been on the rise rapidly since the pandemic and these attacks are potentially fatal for businesses. This masterclass aims at helping SMB owners understand the severe implications of data breaches and cyberattacks and how the adoption of cloud tech across departments can provide a much better insulation from such attacks.

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This Techshala aims to initiate a dialogue on enabling MSMEs with Industry 4.0 solutions and empower them by leveraging the potential of these cutting-edge technologies. Watch industry leaders deliberate on how MSMEs can scale up and realise their full potential as they embark on their digitalization journey.

  • September

    Cloud: The Gateway to Industry 4.0 for Indian Businesses

    The Industry 4.0 revolution will be the primary enabler with cloud as its cornerstone to transform the business landscape for MSMEs in India.

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To enhance the digital capabilities and develop a robust tech-backed infrastructure, Digital Bharat 2.0 will be a support mechanism for enterprises of tomorrow and will create a strong community for them.

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