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Davos 2020: Five myths about World Economic Forum summit busted
January 20, 2020

Davos 2020: Five myths about World Economic Forum summit busted

The World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting is set to turn 50 soon. The event, which will begin on Tuesday, has earned a status for high-altitude preaching as the world leaders, chief executives and thinkers gather in the Swiss mountain town of Davos to pitch their takes on topics. The gathering has grown massively popular over the years. However, there is some incredulity surrounding the event, which must be cleared before the episode starts.

Here are five myths surrounding the WEF summit:

WEF is not just about making big business deals

WEF in Davos is one of the most prominent gatherings of world leaders and business innovators on the planet. However, there are not just business leaders but around one-third of participants are from civil society. This includes groups that campaign against poverty and inequality, and for the environment and human rights.

WEF is not just about male leaders

The WEF meet is not just attended by male leaders. There are women leaders too who take part in the event. However, the percentage of women is less. This year, there will be the participation of 24 percent of females. In 2005, the WEF launched the ‘Global Gender Gap Report’ and committed to at least double the number of women coming to Davos in the next ten years.

It’s not a secretive meeting

WEF is not that confidential as it is thought to be. The action at WEF can be seen live. There are around 150 sessions available to watch online and a dedicated website liveblogging highlights. This year, members of the public have been invited to participate directly. And for the first time, the forum has invited a group of YouTube influencers from around the world who will be posting videos from Davos.

It's is not just a 4-day business

The WEF meet lasts for four days. This year it will run from January 21-24. However, the work there continues throughout the year. They have full-time staff.

What happens at WEF actually impacts everybody

Whatever happens at Davos can have an impact on all of us. Some of the world's biggest problems such as mental health, pollution and reforestation are discussed there by the political and business leaders.