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Design the telecommunications network of tomorrow, today.

Redefine what’s possible.

Dell Technologies OEM | Embedded & Edge solutions, designed together with your IP, transform the telecommunications networks from cloud to the core to the edge, accelerating your journey to 5G and beyond. The telecommunications industry is transforming fast with the advent of 5G, IoT applications and the demand for high bandwidth and low latency at the edge. As volumes of data increase in line with subscriber usage and the growing number of devices, the requirement to transport, process and securely store the data, whilst also adhering to the constant regulatory changes becomes challenging. To address this, network builders and solution providers must create an infrastructure solution which is cost-effective, while scaling for growth, to provide their customers the best possible platform to take advantage of future capabilities of 5G.

Transformation happens here.

As Service Providers continue to move towards a highly flexible and reconfigurable telecom solutions, underpinned by software-defined infrastructure, we can support your build of modern data platforms to unleash new opportunities to cut costs, reshape business models and win over customers. Our extensive product catalog of infrastructure solutions, next generation storage, edge and VMware orchestration platforms bring the automation and agility demanded, while accelerating your time to market.

Outcomes at the edge.

Today 90% of all data is created and processes inside traditional centralized data centers or clouds. That is beginning to change. By 2025, Gartner predicts 75% of data is going to be processed at the edge. The edge brings new challenges for telecom solution providers with the need to design solutions in environments where technology may never have been before. The edge is also likely to have specific requirements such as form factors to accommodate space constraints, harsh environments, hardware acceleration capabilities for performance, synchronization. Partnering with Dell Technologies OEM | Embedded and Edge solutions will enable you to elevate your application and workload performance with carrier-grade, software-defined infrastructure which are built, configured, tested and optimized to fit your exact workload, scale and environmental regulations. Our extensive track record with next generation solutions, deep engineering expertise plus a global ecosystem of partners will help you outpace disruption and bring your service offerings to market first, with a solution designed to requirements.

Your partner in acceleration.

Compress your time to market and shorten your path to revenue with reduced

risk. Tap into our engineering and design capacity, secure global supply chain and curated partner ecosystem to fast-track projects enabling you to focus on your core business. Global program management and support provide optimal coordination and quick resolution of customer issues, and when you need it—our global supply chain will manufacture and deliver in market.

Deploy your technology on ours.

In today’s telecom world, one size doesn’t fit all use cases. We redesign standard platforms for rugged environments, limited power requirements, smaller footprints and extended life to fit your industry, application and use case. We design solutions that provide scale, reach and extensive products, services and engineering expertise to help you define new services and business models, and prototype solutions across smart city, connected home, healthcare, manufacturing and transportation use cases. Tap into Dell Technologies OEM | Embedded & Edge solutions 25 years of domain

and industry expertise working with telecom frontrunners to solve the toughest tech challenges across all phases of product development—from architecture to integration. Let’s make your ideas a reality.

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