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1st November 2021, 6:00 PM IST


Dr. Lawrence H Summers in conversation with Dr. Surjit Bhalla

Dr. R H Patil Memorial Dialogue 2021

The Dr. R H Patil Memorial Dialogue 2021 has been organized in honour of National Stock Exchange’s MD & Founder Dr. R H Patil. The annual dialogue features thought leaders of the highest caliber and reputation as a fitting tribute to the memory of NSE’s Founding Managing Director Dr R. H. Patil, who was one of the tallest leaders and institutional builders of the Indian Financial Services industry.

An economist by qualification, Dr. R H Patil started his career with RBI and then moved to IDBI. Tasked with setting up India’s first modern, de-mutualized, institution-led exchange, Dr. R H Patil played a pivotal role in the transformation of Indian capital markets. Dr. Patil led the team that set up NSE and also set up India’s first clearing corporation, NSE Clearing Limited (formerly known as National Securities Clearing Corporation Limited, NSCCL) and the first depository, National Securities Depository Limited, (NSDL). He was not only an enterprising institution builder but also a wonderful humble human being with a strong value system.


Dr Lawrence H Summers

Former Treasury Secretary, Presidential Advisor and President Emeritus at Harvard University

Dr. Surjit Bhalla

Eminent Economist, Author and Columnist, Executive Director for India at the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Mr. Vikram Limaye