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This microcap stock gave 8-times return since January this year

This microcap stock gave 8-times return since January this year
If you had invested in the shares of this agro-food stock at the start of this year, you could have eight-times richer by now.
Shares of Ahmedabad-based Mishtann Food Limited is currently trading at its 52-week high of Rs 21.4 on Monday, jumping more than 723 percent from Rs 3 apiece on January 1, 2018.
During the same period, the BSE Sensex has gained only 8.17 percent, while the FMCG sector returned 21.77 percent.
Mishtann Foods, the retailer of Basmati Rice and Wheat, recorded a turnover of Rs 490.5 crore and posted a net profit of Rs 5.7 crore on a consolidated basis during 2017-18.
For Q2FY19, Mishtann Foods had reported a turnover of Rs 158.3 crores and the net profit of Rs 1.38 crore.
Mishtann Foods currently has a high price-to-equity (PE) ratio as compared to its peers. The company has a PE ratio 182.51 against Heritage Foods' 30.89 and 79.87 of Tasty Bite Eatables, according to the stock markets research platform
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