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    Here's what key voices from the world of business and markets told CNBC-TV18 today

    Here's what key voices from the world of business and markets told CNBC-TV18 today

    Here's what key voices from the world of business and markets told CNBC-TV18 today
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    Here is what market gurus and industry captains told CNBC-TV18 today on how they see the near-term play out.

    The two moratoriums have delayed recognition of NPAs. It will be challenging to determine the correct picture of stress. There is a need to be cautious about unsecured urban consumers. There is a natural aversion to risk capital amongst domestic savers. If we want more risk capital, we need to balance it with the government borrowing money.
    Will be investing with a medium-term perspective in sectors like Digital, e-commerce, consumer durables, pharma.
    Uday Kotak, MD, Kotak Mahindra Bank
    We are five days into festive season, we are all very keenly observing the progression and it is very difficult to make prediction at this point of time. Despite the strong headwinds, the business has been able to come in with an improved margin performance. We have had the highest ever sales of Pulsar in this situation this quarter. That has impacted the margins in a positive way.
    We had our highest ever exports in September and in a few days to go we can say with certainty that October performance will beat September performance. If we do not have any supply chain issues and transport interruption then in November we will beat October exports. Things are going pretty well.
    Rakesh Sharma, ED of Bajaj Auto
    This is a long term lease transaction with Standard Chartered. The construction of this office space is likely to begin early January 2021 and is expected to end in about 3 years. There will be no income accretion during this period. The mood for fresh space is muted at the moment; most multinational companies are looking at conserving cash and seeing how they manage their businesses and service their clients. I do not think at the moment is to start looking at long-term. Give it another few months and this mood will change.
    Sriram Khattar, MD-Rental Business at DLF
    Vedanta is an ‘avoid’. There are far better opportunities in the market, there are a lot of undervalued plays including some of the better managed companies. I am neutral on Bajaj Finance at current levels. If I see probably a 10 percent kind of a correction from current levels, it would be accumulate for me.
    Gurmeet Chadha, Co-Founder & CEO at Complete Circle Consultants
    We will handsomely cross our Q4FY20 quarters in our Q3. Overall H2 with the strength in pipeline, strength in the deals that we are working on, H2 will be stronger than H1. For the year, we feel confident to be on the leaders’ quadrant of growth. The new deals have 90 percent plus offshoring component. I am confident that net profit margin will be in a range of 14-15 percent for FY21.
    The overall deal pipeline is up 22 percent and the large deal pipeline is up 18 percent quarter-on-quarter (QoQ).  Salary hikes typically has a 150 basis points impact on margins in Q4. There are enough drivers for us to make sure that we do 14-15 percent net income levels for the year.
    Sanjay Jalona, MD & CEO, L&T Infotech
    Market is at a very confusing state. The valuations have now almost reverted where it was pre-COVID. My favourite concern here is that it is not going to be a uniform recovery. As a financial, if I am well-known, if I have access to capital, I clearly am in a much better position to access capital at a much lower cost. Cement has been one of the more popular sectors throughout this downtrend. There are a lot of infrastructure projects, there are a lot of housing projects which continue to stand there. As the equity starts to come back, as the labour starts to return, you will see this pick-up in demand especially in cement sector come first.
    Tushar Pradhan, CIO, HSBC Global Asset Management
    There is a lack of visibility in earnings for FY22. The market needs to wait a few more quarters before gaining confidence in earnings. The cement numbers that have come through are certainly heartening and cement is a sector where ongoing data is reasonably available, most analysts know what production numbers are and what the prices are. We do see lot of strength in tech sector.
    Seshadri Sen, Head-Research at Alchemy Capital Management
    There is a shift in the revenue mix. Our head count in onsite has gone down significantly. There is a movement from onsite to offshore and that reflected a little bit on the revenue side, but it is still in-line with what we mentioned last time. We will see reasonable growth in H2 over H1, both in terms of revenue growth as well as margin expansion. Our cash has improved beyond Rs 500 crore. Even in last two quarters, we have added Rs 200 crore of cash. So, we are well prepared for future growth.
    Kishor Patil, Co-founder, MD & CEO, KPIT
    I expect that over the next few months, once the rain stops, post Diwali you will see improvement in demand in Maharashtra. It will take quite a while for south before the demand equals supply. The total capacity in South is 30 lakh tonne for month, the demand is about 75 lakh tonnes for month. Therefore, it will take a little while. However, the prices in the south are much higher than prices in the other parts of the country. Going forward, I expect demand will go up.
    N Srinivasan, VC and MD, India Cements
    B2C part, where the growth was pretty encouraging, if you look at across segments, there has been improvement. Tier-II and tier-III cities were already doing good, the latter half of the quarter what we also noticed that metros have also started doing well. So, that way the companies where the share of B2C is higher, they will be able to do well. The bigger players will continue to gain market share. We are on positive on Havells; we have add rating on Havells, Voltas, TTK Prestige, and Crompton.
    Naveen Trivedi, AVP - Institutional Research, HDFC Securities
    Demand in passenger car radials rose on festive season and personal mobility. Indiscriminate imports have been halted in truck and bus tyres. The growth has been 12 percent domestically, replacement business has grown by 22 percent, truck and bus replacement market has grown for JK Tyres at 27 percent and the farm business has grown by 57 percent in Q2.
    AK Bajoria, President and Director, JK Tyre
    I believe there is a good chance of improvement in margins. Some of the other initiatives that the company is taking in terms of the export business, spare part businesses will help expand margins. All in all, the order booking both for India and for international business remains very strong. We have changed our strategy a little bit. The order book remains very strong in this segment. We are pretty much fully booked in this segment. Going forward we believe that this segment will also grow at a fast pace.
    Tarak Patel, MD, GMM Pafudler
    We saw 115 percent recovery in September. Demand from tier-II, III and IV cities was quite strong. We will maintain margins at 18 percent in the second half of this year and FY22. I expect sanitary ware and faucets revenue of Rs 210 crore in FY21. Volumes would be flat in the December quarter and rise 10 percent the next quarter. I expect the bathware business to breakeven this year.
    Ashok Kajaria, CMD, Kajaria Ceramics
    There was a lot of nervousness surrounding India when the cases were rising. The number of new cases today have been trending down and with that we have seen a bit of confidence return regarding India and its reopening. That is helpful. Valuations are better than they were several years ago. So in that case India looks okay. My base case is six-twelve months, share markets will be higher than they are now. We are looking at a general backdrop of gradually improving global growth that is good for profits. We are seeing very easy monetary conditions, very low interest rates.
    Shane Oliver, head investment strategy and chief economist, AMP Capital Investors
    We will be able to sustain margins and number wise we will do better than last year. We will get some amount of growth for the full year. All our existing customers have given higher level of business. The reason is obvious, in this COVID era everybody wants to work on a digital transformation and we provide digital transformation platform. Almost 80 percent of the banks in India are using us. I think there is a great potential for digital platforms where people can work from anywhere.
    Diwakar Nigam, Chairman and MD of Newgen Software
    I feel there is more upside in gold prices and the reason is the COVID numbers look very distressing and quite catastrophic. I think that when you look at the big picture, where do the consumers come from and how strong is the rally going to be as far as economic growth. So, I think gold will get a little bit giddy up. I feel that is what you are going to be looking at as far as gold in the short term is concerned, certainly up to Christmas and also strong demand from jewellery side across India and other parts of the world.
    You are going to see volatility, you are going to see big swings. I will put a hand out here and 2 months till the end of the year, you might even get as high as USD 2000 leading up until Christmas. As far as 2021 goes, there are too many things to consider to put a price tag, but I think it is going to be stronger than where it is at the present time.
    Peter Mcguire, CEO of XM Australia
    Advertising revenues are back to 77 percent of last year's numbers. Expects ad revenues to come back to 100 percent pre-COVID levels during Diwali. The circulation (of copies) revenue is at 87 percent and will be at 90-95 percent levels in next few months. The offices which opened in our market are still at 50 percent occupancy, so office copies or cash sales point copies are totally stopped. So that’s one area need to be improved upon.
    Girish Agarwaal, Promoter Director at DB Corp
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