homemarket Newsstocks NewsHere's what key voices from the world of business and markets told CNBC TV18 today

Here's what key voices from the world of business and markets told CNBC-TV18 today

Here's what key voices from the world of business and markets told CNBC-TV18 today
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By CNBCTV18.com Aug 24, 2020 6:22:28 PM IST (Published)

As a mutual fund industry, we have to propagate the importance of asset allocation. At the end of the day, asset allocation along with regular and long-term investment creates wealth for investors.

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When we look at the past 2.5 crore plus investors, 9 crore plus folios, more than Rs 26 lakh crore of AUM, we have covered a lot but when we look at the future, it is as exciting or probably more than the past. We have to ensure that the risk and reward are nuanced to the investors through financial education.
- Nilesh Shah, Chairman, AMFI
This is now the period of COVID-19 and pandemic sort of thing, that has pulled back the Mutual Fund performance a bit but we will weather the storm and we are quite confident that over the next five-seven years we should be growing at a compounded annual growth rate of at least around 20 percent. If that is the thought process that we are looking at then I think that Rs 100 crore mark is attainable over the next seven years.
- NS Venkatesh, CEO, AMFI
Midcap IT space is a very interesting and India has a clear edge over there. I spoke to a lot of people, they are saying that they have done more business in four months than they have done in the last one year. I think next five-six years are going to be far more promising for them.
- Ramdeo Agrawal, chairman, Motilal Oswal Financial Services
We have two kinds of stocks in our portfolio. One which we call high confidence in reasonable returns – that is stocks that are not supposed to go up 40-50 percent in a good year or fall 30 percent in a bad year, but stocks which you feel will do reasonably well in a good market and will not embarrass you and blow you out of the water in a bad market. So in that the number one stock is HDFC Bank and some other private sector banks and then some TCS types of names which are more steady, regular names. So no change in HDFC Bank in terms of buying anything because we never sold anything.
- Samir Arora, Founder & Fund Manager, Helios Capital
Even debt, if bought wisely, can give you solid returns. When you are diversified you won’t get wiped off, you won’t get cleaned out because something will save you. US treasuries saved us then and we are thankful for that. Right now the pie is pretty well diversified.
- Shankar Sharma, VC & Joint MD, First Global
We have looked at multiple factors in terms of the synergy and price that we are paying for the franchise. In the last three-four years under the new leadership, Bharti AXA has done a brilliant job in terms of scaling up the business – both in terms of new distribution partners that they have added as well as overall business growth.
- Bhargav Dasgupta, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at ICICI Lombard
The government has brought certain restrictions on import from China, more impetus is expected in MSME. Though things will not happen overnight, but over a period of time they will improve. Our guidance for credit growth in the current financial year is expected to be around 4-6 percent. We will reassess only in the month of October.
- SS Mallikarjuna Rao, MD & CEO of PNB
Indiabulls Housing Finance is looking at doing a qualified institutional placement (QIP) and there are several discussions on strategic stake sale also and we are open to have a foreign institutional presence on the board. We believe that we have that exquisite growth capital and the ammunition and the macro permitting we would look to start growing again from the second half.
- Gagan Banga, VC & MD of Indiabulls Housing Finance
Credit growth will be visible in the second half. We have grown only 2 percent as first quarter also is a low growth quarter even in a normal year. Hence, credit growth in September will stabilise and Q3 and Q4 we should be somewhere between 6 percent and 8 percent credit growth by the end of the year.
- Rajkiran Rai G, Managing Director & CEO, Union Bank of India
The current gas price of 2.39 gives us comfort, at least it meets our cost, and it reimburses our cost. But any reduction below this level certainly will affect. Hopefully, if the crude prices improve things will balance out.
- Harish Madhav, Director-Finance of Oil India
The labourers have started coming in and we are almost at 60 percent of the pre-COVID level of our labour strength. By September end, I think we should be able to reach the pre-COVID level of the labour strength. So I think Q2 should be a good one. We expects to achieve normalcy by Q3.
I think we should be having a very healthy order book in terms of infra projects due to large number of government projects.
- Nalin Gupta, MD of J Kumar Infra
The in-home consumption of coffee has gone up and that is one of the reason why we are seeing higher offtake of coffee. There has been COVID impact in some countries which are still under lockdown at this point in time. Apart from those specific countries, if we look at the global markets coffee demand is steadily growing especially in - in-home segment.
- Challa Srishant, MD, CCL Products
The demand for 2-wheeler is close to 80-90 percent of that in last year. The demand in 4-wheelers segment is also fast catching up.
- Sunil Bohra, group CFO of Minda Industries
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