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Then & Now: India's fight against poverty

Then & Now: India's fight against poverty
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By Statista  Jul 15, 2019 10:48:19 AM IST (Published)

According to the most recent Multidimensional Poverty Index released by the United Nations Development Programme, 1.3 billion people across 101 countries (23 percent) are in multidimensional poverty. That term doesn't just focus on a lack of finances. It also takes a range of other factors into account like poor health or malnutrition, lack of clean water or electricity, poor quality of work and limited education access in order to provide a broader picture of poverty's true reality.

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Despite the grim figures, some countries are making progress at eradicating poverty with India the most notable example. The report states that in 2005/2006, 640 million people across India were in multidimensional poverty and by 2016/2017, that had fallen to 365.55 million, an impressive reduction of 271 million. Across the border in neighboring Bangladesh, progress has also been made with 19 people lifted out of poverty between 2004 and 2014.
Much of India's progress can be attributed to several ambitious programs aimed at boosting living standards. For example, only 70 percent of people had access to electricity across the country in 2007 and by 2017, that had increased to 93 percent, according to The World Bank. Before Prime Minister Norendra Modi came to power, just under 40 percent of India's population had access to a household toilet. Billions were then invested under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan ("Clean India") campaign which started in October 2014. It has proven hugely successful and India's Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation states that basic sanitation coverage in the country has now increased to 99.45 percent (as of July 2019).
Source: Statista
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