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From single malts to blends, here are India’s Top 7 whisky brands on a global high

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From single malts to blends, here are India’s Top 7 whisky brands on a global high


Indian brews are in the news. Whether it's Amrut Fusion single malt, once voted the third-best whisky in the world, or the all-Indian flavours of the smoky Woodburns, or Solan Number One, which shares its geography with Old Monk rum, the world can't have enough of the desi spirit.

From single malts to blends, here are India’s Top 7 whisky brands on a global high

Did you know that some of the world’s largest and most popular liquor brands are based in India? India produces 13 of the world’s best-selling whisky brands (including the top four in 2020) ranging from budget drinks to award-winning blends and luxury single malts.

Here are the top Indian whisky brands that are trying to make a mark globally

1. Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky

Amrut Distilleries produces Amrut whisky, which is the first single malt to be produced in India. It is one of the Indian whisky brands that have garnered international fame and recognition for its single malt whiskies sold under the name Amrut Fusion. It has got a series of good reviews from the top whisky consultants of the world, including Jim Murray, who named Amrut Fusion single malt whisky as the third-best whisky in the world in 2010.

2. Paul John Edited Single Malt Whisky

The Paul John whisky is a blend of spicy and smoky with hints of sweet notes of fennel seeds, turmeric, salted butter, caramel and toffee. The spirit has a bright finish, and also brings in some dry cocoa notes with different flavours. Coming from the shores of Goa, Paul John Indian Single Malt has been awarded the Liquid Gold Award by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, and has won numerous international awards as well.

3. Officer’s Choice

A global bestseller, Officers Choice whisky is produced by the Mumbai-based spirits manufacturer Allied Blenders & Distillers and made from grain rather than molasses. It is an affordable but aspirational drink that is popular both domestically and overseas.

4. Rampur Select Single Malt Whisky

One of India’s largest spirits companies, Radico Khaitan whose original name was Rampur distilleries, has been making molasses-based whisky for over 50 years. In 1990, Rampur began producing the first malted barley for its blends and launched the first single malt for export in 2016. Since then it has scored high on the global stage and its reputation has been solidified, with exports growing steadily.

5. Woodburns whisky

Coming from a family-run distillery in Candepar, Goa, Woodburns was first launched in 2019. It is a rich Indian malt whisky matured in handcrafted, charred oak barrels that lend the full-bodied spirit a smoky, peaty finish. Made with all-Indian ingredients, it has earned global recognition and bagged a silver medal in the world blended whisky section at the International Spirits Challenge in 2019.

6. Solan Number One malt spirit whisky

Considered to be one of the rarest whiskies in India, the Solan Number One is named after a neighbouring town of Kasauli where it was first crafted. It is a blend of finest grain and matured malt spirits. This Himalayan spirit is brewed at the same distillery, where the popular Old Monk rum is based. It is produced in the Kasauli distilleries, one of India’s oldest distilleries at the foothills of the Himalayas.

7. McDowells

McDowells is the largest selling Indian whisky brand owned by United Spirits, a subsidiary of Diageo, headquartered in Bengaluru. First launched in 1968, McDowell’s No.1 whisky is a blend of imported Scotch whiskies and Indian spirits.

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