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Best Credit Repair Companies: Highest Rated Credit Fix Services [2022]

Best Credit Repair Companies: Highest Rated Credit Fix Services [2022]

Best Credit Repair Companies: Highest Rated Credit Fix Services [2022]
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By CNBC-TV18 Nov 18, 2022 3:05:19 PM IST (Updated)

Caught in the thick of an unfavorable credit score and unsure of the best credit repair companies to turn to, eh?

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We get it because we’ve been in your shoes before.
BUT, you don’t have to walk alone. So, we created this list of top-rated reputable credit repair companies to help you turn things around and move you towards financial health.
This review weighs up the best credit repair services today to help you clean up inaccurate credit records, and give you a good standing before creditors.
While Credit Saint is our top pick today due to its variety of tools and stellar reputation,
the other services also have some pretty great perks.
Let’s jump right in!
Best Credit Repair Companies:
  • Credit Saint: Best credit repair company overall
  • Lexington Law: Most reputable credit repair service
  • CreditRepair: Most personalized credit repair agency
  • The Credit People: Credit repair industry-leading guarantee
  • Ovation: Best credit repair service for discounts
  • Sky Blue: Leading pocket-friendly services
  • The Credit Pros: High rising credit repair company
  • Experian: Very reputable credit repair service
  • 1. Credit Saint - Best credit repair company overall
    Credit Saint Pros
    • BBB accredited
    • 90-day-money-Back Guarantee
    • Private monitoring account
    • Additional credit advice
    • Credit Saint Cons
      • High initial work fees
      • Ranked among the best credit repair companies by top financial sites like Observer, Money, Consumer Affairs, and more, it’s no shock Credit Saint makes it to the list.
        The platform has kept an A+ BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating since 2007, thus you’re sure of seeking the services of a reputed service.
        Again, Credit Saint states that 90% of its customers can see results within 90 days or less. And, it is not baseless promises, the company backs up its word with a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee to protect your trust.
        Credit Saint Repair Process: 4.9/5
        Starting with a free credit evaluation, a Credit Saint expert will guide you through the specifics of your credit report while you point out records you disagree with, and that’s as much as you have to do.
        The assigned expert will then review the inaccurate items you identified and send custom arguments not only to the major credit bureaus but to your creditors as well.
        It doesn’t stop here.
        Credit Saint also works to help you build sustainable credit practices. With this goal, the company takes an approach to educate you on how credit works, with tips on how to leverage your positive credit to further increase your credit score. Great, right?
        Credit Saint Usability: 4.8/5
        Your input might only be needed during the credit review, and after that, all you have to do is watch your credit fixing progress.
        To make the whole process even more pleasant, you’ll receive a monitoring account and a private dashboard to keep you in the loop of how your credit repair is advancing.
        Credit Saint Customer Service: 4.8/5
        A good chunk of customer reviews lauds Credit Saint’s customer support for their resourcefulness. Moreover, the customer service seems to be around 24/7, so you could reach out to them whenever.
        Package breakdown
        • Credit Polish - $79.99/month + $99.00 Initial fee (3 Credit Bureau Challenges, Credit Score Analysis, Creditor Intervention, Score Tracker)
        • Credit Remodel - $99.99/month + $99.00 Initial fee (Credit Polish + Inquiry Targeting)
        • Clean Slate - $119.99/month + $195 Initial fee (Clean Slate + Unlimited Challenges to the Credit Bureaus)
        • While the Credit Polish and the Credit Remodel packages are great for a more one-time clean-up of your credit report, we love that the unlimited challenges that the Clean Slate offers make it simpler to handle emerging negative items on your credit history.
          2. Lexington Law - Most Reputable Credit Repair Service
          Lexington Law Pros
          • Attorney-driven process
          • Tons of positive reviews
          • Impressive iOS, Android app
          • Identity theft protection available
          • Access personal finance tools
          • Lexington Law Cons
            • No satisfaction assurances
            • Attracting tons of positive reviews and high ratings among customers, Lexington Law has the numbers to show for it.
              First, the credit fixing company has been around for 18+ years and has amassed 77M+ removals from credit reports.
              It’s also amazing that Lexington Law is led by a team of lawyers, which is very assuring knowing you’re getting help from extensively experienced credit professionals.
              Although you don’t get a satisfaction guarantee, Lexington Law says that 89% of their clients see their credit scores improve by an average of 40 points might give you extra confidence.
              Lexington Law Repair Process: 5/5
              Your pursuit of financial well-being with Lexington Law all starts with a FREE credit report consultation. And, during the consultation you also get a;
              • Free credit score
              • Free credit report summary - to help you understand the items in your credit history
              • Free credit report recommendation - to help you pick the best plan for yourself
              • Lexington Law seeks to help you remedy your credit issue in a simple process;
                • Setup and Discovery: A credit professional looks at your credit report and sees what might be hurting your score
                • Challenge and Dispute: The company challenges all three major credit bureaus to verify the negative items in your report
                • Manage and Monitor: You get to see your credit repair progress as the service addresses new issues as they appear
                • Lexington Law Usability: 5/5
                  One of the things you’ll love most about the platform is that all you need to do is show up.
                  You don’t have to do much. After the free consultation, the service’s credit experts will handle basically everything for you and give you regular updates on the status of your credit repair.
                  What’s more, the credit repair service has great mobile apps for both Android and iOS, which make it easier to monitor progress on the go.
                  Lexington Law Customer Service: 4.9/5
                  On top of the resourceful mobile apps, you also receive 24/7 customer support, and we can say the support team is widely responsive and helpful from the customer reviews online.
                  Package breakdown
                  • Concord Standard - $95.95/month - (Bureau Challenges and Credit intervention)
                  • Concord Premier - $119.95/month -(Concord Standard + Score analysis, TransUnion Alerts, ReportWatch, and Inquiry Assist)
                  • Premier Plus - $139.95/month - (Concord Premier + Cease and Desist Letters, FICO Score Tracker, Identity Protection Resources, Personal Finance Tools)
                  • Lexington Law’s Concord Standard package works best if you only have a few inaccurate items on your credit report. However, the Premier and Plus options are more inclusive, with the latter even giving you personal finance tools to help you nurture healthy personal financial habits.
                    3. CreditRepair - Credit Repair Service for Personalized Repairs
                    CreditRepair Pros
                    • Offer score tracking
                    • Great credit education
                    • Has TransUnion monitoring
                    • Gives progress alerts
                    • CreditRepair Cons
                      • No customer service on weekends
                      • CreditRepair has built its forte on giving you all the attention you need by offering you and your credit issues a tailored credit cure.
                        And yes, they’re seasoned too. The service has overseen 23M+ disputes, and they have a 4.3/5 Trustpilot customer rating, thus demonstrating their knack for satisfying clients.
                        One thing we love about CreditRepair is that it’s very beginner-friendly too. You don’t have to know much about credit scores and credit reports, as they will help you point out misleading items on your credit record.
                        CreditRepair Repair Process: 5/5
                        You’ll first get an insight into your credit situation with a free consultation, and that also includes a free;
                        • Credit score
                        • Negative item summary
                        • Recommended solution
                        • Once you get a good idea of your credit reports, CreditRepair will then review the negative items in your credit report and ask your creditors and the main credit reporting agencies to verify the additions; failure by which they’ll be removed, and your credit scores will increase.
                          CreditRepair summarizes its process as;
                          • Gather information: They verify your identity and pull your credit records
                          • Reviewing: Credit professionals pick out potential wrongful items
                          • Recommendation: You receive a personalized solution
                          • CreditRepair Usability: 4.9/5
                            Throughout your time with CreditRepair, you’ll have a personal dashboard too for receiving your case updates, which makes it much quicker to monitor progress. And, because CreditRepair has mobile apps, a quick tap will let you in on how your case is going.
                            Additionally, the service also sends text and email alerts, so you don’t miss an update.
                            CreditRepair Customer Service: 4.7/5
                            CreditRepair offers fast 24-hour customer service from Monday to Friday. However, you can’t reach them on weekends.
                            On the positive side, you’ll have access to a personal case manager, who you can reach out to on your online dashboard if you have queries relating to your credit repair.
                            Package breakdown
                            • Direct - $69.95/month + $69.95 Initial fee (Goodwill intervention, Inquiry Assist, Full-time Monthly Monitoring, Quarterly Score Updates)
                            • Standard - $99.95/month + $99.95 Initial fee (Everything Direct + FICO Score Inquiry Help)
                            • Advance - $119.95/month + $119.95 Initial fee (Everything Standard + Monthly Credit Score Updates, Additional Bureau and Creditor Challenge, Cease and Desist Help)
                            • CreditRepair plans are wide enough to help you choose the right solution for your budget. Even more, with the Goodwill and Cease and Desist letters, you can catch a break from lenders as you work on boosting your credit score.
                              4. The Credit People - Excellent Credit Repair Assurance
                              The Credit People Pros
                              • 6-month satisfaction guarantee
                              • Affordable plans
                              • 53-187 estimated score increase
                              • Fast results
                              • The Credit People Cons
                                • Limited packages
                                • The Credit People appear to be the epitome of confidence.
                                  Boastt repair packages offered and select the best one that’ll cover your credit woes.
                                  Track Progress
                                  To monitor the progress of your credit repair process you’ll get a client portal, from which you can receive any changes to your credit records and scores.

                                  Top Legitimate Credit Repair Companies - FAQs

                                  What Is the Fastest Way to Repair Your Credit?
                                  The fastest way to repair your credit is by using the services of a credit repair company. Credit repair companies work with dedicated and experienced credit experts that’ll be able to fast-track your credit fixing process, and you’ll typically start seeing gradual improvement in your score in 30-60 days.
                                  Who Is the Best at Fixing Your Credit?
                                  Lexington Law is the best at fixing your credit. The legitimate credit repair company is led by lawyers with vast experience in disputing credit record information to creditors and credit agencies. To add on, the credit repair company has overseen over 77M removals, hence their credibility is solid.
                                  How Can I Erase Bad Credit?
                                  You can erase bad credit by disputing unfair additions to your credit record to creditors and credit bureaus. If your creditors are unable to justify the additions, the credit bureaus will remove the items from your record.
                                  Equally important, as much as you can erase bad credit on your own it’s advisable to seek the services of credit repair companies for faster results.
                                  Is It Worth Paying Someone To Fix Your Credit?
                                  Yes, it is worth paying someone to fix your credit. For people that don’t know much about how credit reports work, it can be a hassle and likely more expensive trying to fix credit on your own. With the service of a person or credit fixing company, their credit experts will generally handle almost everything for you.
                                  How Can I Fix My Credit in 30 Days?
                                  You can fix your credit in 30 days when you dispute credit record mistakes to your creditors. Still, here are a few other tips you could use to optimize your credit score;
                                  • Make a significant debt payment
                                  • Ask your credit company to raise your credit limit
                                  • Pay your bills on time
                                  • Draft a goodwill letter to your creditors
                                  • Ask to be an authorized user on someone else’s credit card
                                  • How Much Do the Credit Pros Cost?
                                    The Credit Pros cost between $69 - $149 monthly with initial work fees of $119 - $149, depending on the package you take. Their two best plans: Prosperity and Success Plus are particularly the best, and they allow for unlimited disputes, and creditor intervention, to mention a few.
                                    How Much Does a Credit Repair Specialist Cost?
                                    Most credit repair specialists cost $50-$150, and you might also be asked to pay a first-time fee of about the same price as your monthly subscription. Equally important, you should know the credit repair process usually takes a few months and up to a year depending on how adverse your credit record is.

                                    Best Credit Repair Companies - The Top 5 Summarized

                                    • BBB accredited
                                    • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
                                    • Wide credit education
                                    • Private monitoring account
                                    • As an A+ BBB-rated business, Credit Saint assigns you, credit experts, to help you achieve credit improvement within 90 days.
                                      Additionally, you also get credit education to help you make informed future credit decisions and a 90-Day Money Guarantee to protect your investment.
                                      • Glowing user reviews
                                      • Lawyer-led process
                                      • User-friendly mobile apps
                                      • Impressive financial tools
                                      • Carrying over 18 years of experience, and high user ratings, Lexington Law creates tailored credit dispute assistance for you with their seasoned attorneys.
                                        While at it, you could potentially grow your credit score by an average of 40 points. All this, without paying any upfront fees with 24/7 customer support for any queries.
                                        • Educative credit section
                                        • Regular progress alerts
                                        • Credit score tracking
                                        • TransUnion alerts
                                        • Noted as one of the most trusted credit repair companies, Credit Repair works toward restoring your credit score with tailored assistance from its experts.
                                          You also get a personal case manager to ensure the most interactive repair process possible, with a personal online dashboard for receiving regular updates.
                                          • Biggest satisfaction guarantee
                                          • Up to 187 points increase
                                          • Fast results
                                          • Competitive packages
                                          • Raise your credit points by an estimated 53-187 points with FCRA-certified company The Credit People.
                                            Also, you’ll begin to see results in 60 days or less. On the whole, your commitment with The Credit People is covered with a massive 6-month guarantee.
                                            • A+ BBB rated
                                            • Amazing customer support
                                            • Resourceful financial tools
                                            • Great discounts
                                            • Make customized disputes with Better Business Bureau accredited Ovation and receive a personal case advisor throughout the process.
                                              Furthermore, you could be eligible for the couple, military, senior, and more discounts to make the service even more affordable.

                                              Best Companies to Repair Credit - Conclusion

                                              Building credit appeal and repairing your credit is now more reachable than ever.
                                              Thanks to these top credit repair companies, anyone can restore their credit situation conveniently while only having to track progress.
                                              All these sites pull their weight, but attorney-driven Lexington Law just offers consumers the highest success rates and has a long-standing reputation to go with it.
                                              Even so, CreditRepair and Credit Saint give some of the most rigorous credit repair services too, with additional creditor intervention to buy you some time as you build your credit.
                                              That’s all, you’re all good and set now towards transforming your credit, just make sure to use these credit repair companies with care to avoid accumulating heavy debt.
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