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Find travelling by train challenging? Here are 6 measures by Indian Railways that make it easy

Find travelling by train challenging? Here are 6 measures by Indian Railways that make it easy
Indian Railways, in order to simplify the reservation system and help passengers have a hassle-free journey, has introduced some measures over the last few years. If you are someone, who has always found travelling by train challenging, these measures are what you need.
Here are the steps taken by the Indian Railways that make travelling  by train much easier:
  • The Indian Railways has made the reservation charts public, which helps the passengers book a vacant berth after the preparation of charts. The first chart is made public four hours before the departure while the second is made public half an hour before the departure. The information is available on both, IRCTC web as well as the mobile app.
  • A waitlist prediction tool was introduced, allowing the passengers to check the probability of their waitlisted or RAC ticket getting confirmed. The feature uses historical data to arrive at a percentage probability of the ticket getting confirmed.
  • 'Vikalp Scheme' by the Indian Railways provides accommodation to a waitlisted passenger in an alternate train.
  • The Indian Railways has provided tablet devices called Hand-Held Terminals (HHTs) to TTEs which allows them to update the real-time occupancy status of a running train. The device works through GPRS.
  • It has come up with the concept of linking PNRs recently where passengers can link two PNRs for connecting train journey - for PRS counter tickets and IRCTC e-tickets or a combination of both. The option to link PNRs is given to the passenger while booking the ticket. If the passenger misses the train, the fare for the portion travelled is retained and the refund amount is granted to him/her.
  • It has increased the monthly reservation limit of 6 train tickets per user to 12 tickets in a month. However, to make use of this facility, Aadhaar verification is a must.
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