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information technology | Aug 25, 2018 4:00 PM IST

Here's what you didn't know about L&T Infotech chief Sanjay Jalona: He's watched Sholay a 100 times!


L&T Infotech CEO Sanjay Jalona's favourite actress is Alia Bhatt. Who's yours?

Sanjay Jalona, the chief executive officer of L&T Infotech, has watched Sholay a 100 times and his favourite actress is Alia Bhatt.

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Here are some lesser known facts about him, as we play a rapid fire with him:
Q: Your favourite actress?
A: Alia Bhatt.
Q: Actor?
A: Aamir Khan.
Q: Your favourite movie of all time?
A: Casablanca
Q: And in India?
A: I have many. I still remember Sholay very fondly. I must have watched it 100 times.
Q: Your favourite holiday spot either somewhere you have been to or somewhere you aspire going to?
A: Somewhere in Europe, some of the Queen cities, Istanbul or even Morocco.
Q: How often do you travel, how necessary is travel to you?
A: For work, very necessary, all the time. But I typically spend the last week of December in a nice quiet place, to unwind and relax.
Q: Your biggest achievement till date?
A: Yet to come.
Q: Your biggest regret?
A: No regrets at all. You don’t live for regrets. There are many things you can do much better than what you did and you always think you can – but I have no regrets at all.
Q: The one thing you have learnt from your parents?
A: My mother always said I am going to use it in Hindi, “Ijjat badi mushkil se aati hai but it goes away in a blink.” It is very hard to get respect and it is very easy to lose it.
Q: Your one mantra that you have learnt from a teacher, from a mentor, one mantra that has stood you through tough times?
A: Work hard.
Q: Who is the one mentor that you aspire to be? Or a tech visionary that you are fond of?
A: Tech visionary – I think a few people can surpass what Apple did and what Steve Jobs and Elon Musk have done and various things that they ventured in but I don’t have one mentor.
I look up to Mr AM Naik, but one becomes based on the experiences that one has had. You learn from your teacher. I am still in touch with some of my school teachers. Then you learn from your first bosses. I am lucky enough that a lot of them have been mentors and today we have become very good friends.
Q: The one thing that you learn from your experience at Infosys?
A: Be with the best.
Q: As you go ahead, what do you think is going to be the next big challenge for you? What is the next big leap for Sanjay Jalona and L&T Infotech as well?
A: Never be complacent, keep dreaming.
Q: What do you do in your free time? Your hobbies?
A: Spend a lot of time with children because I travel a lot. So I don’t get to spend enough time with them. Watch movies and three-four times in a year, I get to play golf.
Q: Three-four times, that is all?
A: Sometimes you get lucky and then you have the fifth round.
Q: If you weren’t in the tech world or if you weren’t a software person, what would you have been?
A: A cook.
Q: Do you cook?
A: Little bit. I like to cook.
Q: Anything special that you cook?
A: I lived for a long time in South India. So I can cook a lot of South Indian dishes and filter coffee as well.
Q: Filter coffee is the one big innovation in L&T Infotech that has influenced everyone, is it?
A: Yes, that is true.
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