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What will happen if you don't link your EPF account with Aadhaar?


If you do not not link your EPF account with Aadhaar card, your employer's contribution will not be credited, the EPFO has said.

What will happen if you don't link your EPF account with Aadhaar?
The Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has announced that employees will need to link their PF accounts with their Aadhaar cards or find their EPF contributions lowered. The Universal Account Numbers (UAN) also needs to be Aadhaar verified. The new changes are applicable from June 1.
If the employee's EPF account is not Aadhaar verified, it may mean that employer's contribution will not be credited into their account.
The EPFO has taken the decision under Section 142 of the Social Security Code 2020. Employers have been notified that without Aadhaar verification, the employers’ Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR) cannot be filed. Without the filing of the ECR, the provident fund account will not receive the employers’ contributions to their account.
The employees won’t be able to avail any other services from the EPFO in the absence of Aadhaar verification.
The Ministry of Labour and the EPFO had allowed members to take a second COVID-19 advance in light of economic hardships brought on by the pandemic. The Ministry of Labour also announced other changes like pension for dependents of insured persons with Employees' State Insurance Corporation who died due to the coronavirus.
Employees can visit the EPFO official website and use the e-KYC portal to link their UAN with their Aadhaar.