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    What is 'Pashu Aadhaar' and how will it help control lumpy skin disease?

    What is 'Pashu Aadhaar' and how will it help control lumpy skin disease?

    What is 'Pashu Aadhaar' and how will it help control lumpy skin disease?
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    The government is creating a numerical database for dairy animals with an identification number, just like Aadhaar cards for humans. The unique ID number will help track the population and health of all livestock in the country.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said the country was creating ‘Pashu Aadhaar,’ the largest database of animals associated with the dairy sector with the help of a biometric identification. He said this at the inaugural ceremony on World Dairy Summit 2022 in Greater Noida on September 12.

    Under the scheme, all livestock will be tagged to keep track of their health. This will help in expanding the dairy sector.

    What is Pashu Aadhaar?

    The government is creating a numerical database for animals in the dairy sector just like Aadhaar cards with an identification number. The unique ID number will help track the population of livestock. The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) is developing the Information Network for Animal Productivity and Health (INAPH), which will be known as Pashu Aadhaar. As part of the process, all animals will be provided with an ear tag containing the bar coded 12-digit UID. The INAPH will have data related to the animal’s species, breed and pedigree. It will also contain information on calving, milk production and vaccination.

    The project was first recommended by a government committee in 2015 to prevent trafficking after a Supreme Court order on a plea to stop cattle smuggling.

    In the first phase of the project, the government had targeted to cover 94 million productive ‘in milk’ female cow and buffalo population, Indian Express reported in 2019.

    After the female breed of milk cattle is covered, other bovines such as calves, males and strays would be counted, the report said.

    Progress report

    By 2019, about 22.3 million cows and buffaloes had been issued the UID and their complete data was uploaded on the INAPH database. At present, the INAPH website shows that 22,67,63,928 animals have been registered under the project.

    How will this help animals facing diseases?

    At present, the central government and the states are working on containing the spread of lumpy skin disease, which has killed livestock in more than eight states in India, including Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana and Punjab. Lumpy skin disease is a contagious viral disease that causes fever and nodules on the skin of the animals, impacting milk production, leading to death of cattle.

    Apart from developing an indigenous vaccine for the disease, the government is also making efforts to track the movement of animals to check the outbreak, Modi said at the event on September 12. The digital identification will help keep track of the health of livestock.

    How to apply for Pashu Aadhaar?

    • Farmers can get themselves registered on the IANPH portal. 
    • They need to click on a new account and register themselves on INAPH portal.
    • A verification code will be sent on the mobile number, which the farmers need to enter on the portal.
    • To register the animals online, farmers can access INAPH in two ways.
    • Those who are registered as offline farmers will get an SMS on their cell phone about their login information and the link to download the INAPH Farmer Android application. Farmers can also directly download the INAPH Farmer Android app.
    • Those registered as an online farmer will get a text message on their cell phone regarding their login information and can start accessing the INAPH Farmer Web application by logging in to the portal.
    • To apply online for animal registration, farmers can follow the steps given below:

      • Log on to the the INAPH portal
      • Click on ‘Animal Registration’ and enter the required details. After entering the owner’s details, the farmers can get the UID number.
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