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QuoteUnQuote with KK podcast will now incorporate vaccine and healthcare issues

QuoteUnQuote with KK, India's leading business podcast, is switching gears as it moves from business outlook to vaccine and health issues.

In its next season in 2021, the podcast will discuss the vaccine and health playbook and the future of the world in the new normal.

With over 175 million listeners globally, the business podcast, is a monthly talk show that invites top business professionals and thought leaders from across the worldwide to discuss business, economy, investments and socio-political issues. However, in 2021, it will run on two different tracks.

"We have been listening to our listeners, and next year season, we're going to run QuoteUnQuote with KK on two tracks - Healthy and Wealthy," Kapil Khandelwal, its producer and industry veteran, announced on December 17.

QuoteUnquote with KK addresses the Outside-In view of India for a global audience. Its last ten episodes have provided the listeners with an unbiased perspective on various issues from the pandemic, economic recovery, employment, capital markets, digital healthcare, geo-politics, and policy and reforms.

However, in line with audience feedback, the podcast will feature world leaders giving feedback on pandemic and recovery.

"Our value proposition is a free radio talk show without the disturbance of ads, no repetitive music, and full of well-researched, well-thought-out content with global thought leaders," said Khandelwal in a press release.

Currently, around 60 percent of listeners are Indian, and the rest of them are abroad. Podcast listening has grown in India in the past years, with monthly listeners (defined as people who listened to at least one podcast last month) totaling four crores in 2018. PwC expects this market to grow beyond 17 crores by 2023.
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