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President Draupadi Murmu approves 107 Gallantry Awards: Check complete list

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By CNBCTV18.com Aug 16, 2022 3:24:36 PM IST (Published)

The awards include 3 Kriti Chakras, 13 Shaurya Chakras, 2 Bar to Sena Medals, 81 Sena Medals (Gallantry), and 1 Nao Sena Medal (Gallantry) and 7 Vayu Sena Medals (Gallantry).

President Draupadi Murmu approved 107 gallantry awards to armed forces and CAPF personnel a day before Independence Day. The awards include three Kirti Chakras, 13 Shaurya Chakras, 81 Sena Medals (gallantry), seven Vayu Sena Medals (gallantry), two bar to Sena Medals (gallantry), and one Nao Sena Medal (gallantry). Out of the 13, eight Shaurya Chakras have been awarded to army personnel, including two posthumously.

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Naik Devendra Pratap Singh was awarded the second highest peacetime gallantry award, the Kirti Chakra. He was part of an operation in Pulwama on January 29 where he killed two terrorists in a gunfight.

The President also approved 40 mention-in-despatches to the Indian Army, including one to an Indian Air Force (IAF) personnel and one to an army dog, ‘Axel’ (posthumously), for their significant contributions in different military operations such as Operation Rakshak, Operation Snow Leopard, Operation Rhino, Operation Orchid, Operation Falcon, Operation Hifazat and Operation Trikut (Deoghar).

Here is the complete list of gallantry awards


Kirti Chakras

  1. Nk Devendra Pratap Singh, Armd, 55 Rr
  2. Sudip Sarkar (Posthumous)
  3. Paotinsat Guite (Posthumous)
  4. Shaurya Chakras

    1. Maj. Nitin Dhaania, 2 Para (Sf)
    2. Maj. Amit Dahiya, Sm, 1 Para (Sf)
    3. Maj. Sandeep Kumar, Grenadiers, 55 Rr
    4. Maj. Abhishek Singh, Mech Inf, 50 Rr
    5. Hav. Ghanshyam, Grenadiers, 55 Rr
    6. L/Nk Ragh Vendra Singh, Mech Inf, 9 Rr
    7. Sep. Karn Veer Singh, Rajput, 44 Rr (Posthumous)
    8. Gnr. Jasbir Singh, Arty, 19 Rr (Posthumous)
    9. Lt. Commander Mrityunjay Kumar (Indian Navy)
    10. Asst Commandant Amit Kumar (Crpf)
    11. Somay Vinayak Munde (Ips), Additional Sp (Maharashtra Police)
    12. Ravindra Kashinath Naetam, Police Hero (Maharashtra Police)
    13. Tikaram Sampatrao Will Bite, Police Hero (Maharashtra Police)
    14. Bar To Sena Medal (Gallantry)

      1. Maj. Archit Sharma, Sena Medal, Mech Inf, 42 Rr
      2. Maj. Narender Singh Waldia, Sena Medal, Engrs, 44 Rr
      3. Sena Medal (Gallantry)

        1. Lt Col Vivek Kumar Dwivedi, Arty, 663 Army Avn Sqn (R&O)
        2. Lt Col Sudhanshu Dhyani, 671 Army Avn Sqn (R&O)
        3. Lt Col Prasoon Singh, 5 Rajput
        4. Maj Angad Singh Behl, 14 Jat
        5. Maj Vaibhav Bhatnagar, 3 Rajput
        6. Maj Sahil Kumar, 4 Para (Sf)
        7. Maj Parth Chandel, Bihar, 24 Rr
        8. Maj Vivek Kamboj, Grenadiers, 55 Rr
        9. Maj Mritunjay Katoch, Garh Rif, 14 Rr
        10. Maj Sudeep Kumar, Sikh, 46 Rr
        11. Maj Divya Agre, Garh Rif, 14 Rr
        12. Maj Rishav Jamwal, Garh Rif, 14 Rr
        13. Maj Anuj Veer Singh, Jat, 34 Rr
        14. Maj Prabhjot Singh Saini, Raj Rif, 9 Rr
        15. Maj Mandeep K Narwal, Garh Rif, 48 Rr
        16. Maj Akash Sen, Sikh Li, 19 Rr
        17. Maj Arun Kumar, Asc, 1 Rr
        18. Maj Abhinav Nehra, 2 Para (Sf)
        19. Maj Rajesh Rawat, Mahar, 1 Rr
        20. Maj Navneet Singh, 1 Para (Sf)
        21. Maj Vijay Singh, Armd, 6 Assam Rif
        22. Maj Aditya Bisht, Assam, 42 Rr
        23. Maj Sankalp Yadav, Arty, 33 R&O Flt (Posthumous)
        24. Maj Apraant Raunaq Singh, Raj Rif, 9 Rr
        25. Maj Soubam Kinobabu Singh, 2 Jak Li
        26. Maj Jasmeet Singh Bhatia, Engrs, 55 Rr
        27. Maj Vikas Kumar, Kumaon, 13 Rr
        28. Maj Dinesh A, Engrs, 44 Rr
        29. Maj Irengbam Vishal Meetei, 19 Jak Rif
        30. Capt Anchit Sarpratap Rattani, 9 Para (Sf)
        31. Capt Nikhil Manchanda, 2 Para (Sf)
        32. Capt Abid Sohail, Sigs, 13 Rr
        33. Capt Reshab Dhungana, Sigs, 50 Rr
        34. Capt Srivathsan K, Gr, 6 Assam Rif
        35. Capt Mushtaq Ul Islam Khan, 12 Jat
        36. Sub Ram Singh, Garh Rif, 48 Rr (Posthumous)
        37. Nb Sub Sandeep Kumar, 9 Para (Sf)
        38. Nb Sub Kailash Joshi, 2 Para (Sf)
        39. Nb Sub Daljeet Singh, 9 Para (Sf)
        40.  Nb Sub Gursev Singh, 8 Sikh Li
        41. Hav Rajendra Singh, 2 Para (Sf)
        42. Hav Manish Dhuliya, 4 Para (Sf)
        43. Hav Sonit Kumar Saini, 102 Engr Regt (Posthumous)
        44. Hav Om Prakash, Grenadiers, 55 Rr
        45. Hav Ashok Kumar, Rajput, 44 Rr
        46. Hav Bhupendra Chand, Kumaon, 13 Rr
        47. Hav R Bithungo Lotha, Assam, 2 Arunachal Scouts Bn
        48. L/Hav Major Singh, 4 Sikh
        49. Nk Jagjit Singh, Mech Inf, 9 Rr
        50. Nk Norden Lepcha, Mech Inf, 9 Rr
        51. Nk Akash Sadhotra, Mech Inf, 50 Rr
        52. Nk Sarabjit Singh, Armd, 55 Rr
        53. Nk Banwari Lal Rathore, 270 Engr Regt (Posthumous)
        54. Nk Bhuva Rajubhai Rambhai, Guards, 50 Rr
        55. Nk Lalit Singh Shekhawat, Raj Rif, 9 Rr
        56. Nk Bhupinder Singh, 2 Para (Sf)
        57. Nk Amit Kumar, Grenadiers, 55 Rr
        58. Nk Guddu Kumar, Grenadiers, 55 Rr
        59. Nk Sanjeev Kumar, 3 Rajput
        60. Nk Shakti Singh, 3 Rajput
        61. Nk Mahipal Singh, Rajput, 44 Rr
        62. Nk Kesar Singh, Rajput, 44 Rr
        63. Nk Sartaj Ahmad Wagay, Jak Li, 50 Rr
        64.  L/Nk Sutinder Singh, Mech Inf, 42 Rr
        65. L/Nk Satish Kumar, Dogra, 62 Rr
        66.  L/Nk Parveen Singh, Jat, 34 Rr
        67. L/Nk Pramod Lamba, Jat, 34 Rr
        68. Sep Vikas Khatri, Mech Inf, 50 Rr
        69. Sep Dalvinder Singh, Mech Inf, 9 Rr
        70. Sep Sasankha Sekhar Samal, 233 (I) Fd Wksp Coy(Posthumous)
        71. Sep Jagpreet Singh, Sikh, 16 Rr
        72. Sep Adesh Singh, Jat, 34 Rr
        73. Sep Amarjit, Jat, 34 Rr
        74. Sep Chaina Ram, Jat, 34 Rr
        75. Sep Narender Sharma, Kumaon, 50 Rr
        76. Rfn Lakhan Singh, Raj Rif, 9 Rr
        77. Rfn Deepak Phogat, Raj Rif, 9 Rr
        78. Rfn Sheikh Shahbaz Yousuf, 1 Jak Li
        79. Rfn Ishan Hussain Khan, Jak Li, 19 Rr
        80. Swr Rajbir Singh Tanwar, Armd, 24 Rr
        81. Spr Hanamant Dhareppa Ayatti, Engrs, 44 Rr
        82. Vayu Sena Medal for Gallantry

          1. Wing Commander Deepika Misra
          2. Group Captain Rahul Singh
          3. Group Captain Ravi Nanda
          4. Flight Lt D Ravindra Rao
          5. Squadron Leader Dilip Gurnani
          6. Sergeant Parminder Singh
          7. Sergeant Shyam Veer Singh.
          8. Nao Sena Medal (Gallantry)

            Vineet Kumar, La (Ah), 243807-H

            The CRPF and Jammu and Kashmir Police were also decorated with the maximum gallantry awards for undertaking counter-terrorist operations in the Union Territory as the Centre announced service medals for a total of 1,082 personnel on Independence Day.

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