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EPFO helping hand: Know how to retrieve PPO using bank account or PF number


The EPFO has made life a bit easier for pensioners. Those who have misplaced their PPO can retrieve it by following a few simple steps and submitting either the PF or bank account number linked to pension.

EPFO helping hand: Know how to retrieve PPO using bank account or PF number
The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) recently announced that people registered under the Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS) could retrieve their Pension Payment Order (PPO) using the number of their bank account linked to it or their Provident Fund (PF) number.
The PPO, a unique 12-digit number, is allotted by the EPFO on retirement of employees covered under the EPS to help them get their pension. It is sent to them via mail. The PPO number is needed while applying for pension and submitting one’s life certificate every year.
Besides UAN, the PPO number can also be used at the time of raising grievances with the EPFO. Also, PPO number helps the pensioners know their pension status online.
Pensioners must always make sure that their bank has recorded their PPO number in the passbook. Otherwise, there could be unnecessary delay in receiving the pension. Also, in the absence of a PPO number, transferring the PF account from one bank branch to another could be a difficult task.
In case somebody has forgotten or misplaced the number, they can now get it by either using their bank account or the PF number.
Follow These Steps to Get PPO Number
1) Visit the official EPFO website
2) Click ‘Pensioners' Portal’ option under online services on the homepage.
3) Click on ‘Know Your PPO Number’ option.
4) Submit either ‘Bank Account Number’ or your ‘Member ID’ that is the PF number.
5) After successful submission of the detail, the PPO number will be displayed on the screen, along with Member ID and type of pension.
You can also get your PPO number by visiting another website of the EPFO that provides all the information about life certificates, PPO number, payment information and pension status.
The EPS, 1995, provides a monthly benefit for retirement, disability, survivor, widow(er) and children. Besides, a minimum pension on disablement and past service benefit to the participants of erstwhile Family Pension Scheme, 1971, is also offered.