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    Electric drones to play a major role in metro shaft surveying and similar blind spots

    Electric drones to play a major role in metro shaft surveying and similar blind spots

    Electric drones to play a major role in metro shaft surveying and similar blind spots
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    By CNBCTV18.COM IST (Updated)

    When a nation wants to grow at a faster pace, it starts building better infrastructure projects for its people. Currently, in India, many critical infrastructure projects are being developed across the nation.
    May it be the Delhi Metro system or the Worli-Mumbai sea link project, all of them have contributed to the growth and economic well-being of our society.
    One of the most acclaimed recent infrastructure projects is Atal Tunnel built in the Himalayas that connects Himachal to Ladakh. It is said to be the most crucial project completed in recent times as it not only provides a key road connection between two states but also helps in military movement in the region.
    In one way or the other, these projects have helped in the growth of the nation. Another important critical project would be the Metro Rail which has touched the lives of millions of people in more than fifteen cities across India. Delhi has the largest Metro network in India. It carries millions of people from one part of the city to another and has been the lifeline of the city for more than two decades now.
    Starting in the year 2002, Delhi Metro being the largest operator in India covers 396km across the city. It has turned out to be the most reliable and fastest mode of transport in the national capital. The huge success made the government think about and start a similar project in various other cities. Kolkata has the oldest metro system but the Delhi metro turned out to be the more successful one.
    We need to understand how the DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) was able to accomplish such great achievements in such a short period. It may be claimed that management made the best choices possible for maintaining the metro lines. The extensive network is dispersed around the city both underground and above ground. It is not an easy job to periodically examine these lines, that much is certain.
    The majority of inspections are mostly being performed manually by employees who move across the different shafts constructed inside the metro line. This task appears to be more labor and risk-intensive. The identical task can now be completed more skillfully thanks to modern technology. It is crucial to upgrade and automate the procedure when more metro lines are being added in Delhi and across many other cities.
    Drones, which the ACSG Corp is an expert in, are the best way to monitor these metro lines both externally and inside the shafts, where it is challenging for humans to access. With these drones that are powered by batteries, the user has a lot of flexibility. The best thing about them is that they can be quickly placed anywhere. The operator may see from a secure distance thanks to radio communication. Considering that these drones are developed locally, the maintenance of these drones is relatively easy.
    Technology has undoubtedly made a lot of chores simpler. The lifespan of the infrastructure also extends with the implementation of these methods using the new devices and support technologies. We can now do numerous activities more quickly, more effectively and with superior safety standards thanks to new technology. As these vital infrastructure developments pick further pace to support the ambitious economic growth of the country, it is even more critical to adopt futuristic technology-driven solutions for the Indian infrastructure sector.
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