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Agnipath scheme: As protests turn violent government debunks myths over 'future of Agniveers'

india | Jun 16, 2022 4:52 PM IST

Agnipath scheme: As protests turn violent government debunks myths over 'future of Agniveers'


Will the future of Agniveers be dark? Will there be limited opportunities for youth who get recruited under the Agnipath scheme? Government debunks myths surrounding the scheme

Massive protests erupted across the country over the government's Agnipath scheme on Thursday (June 16). The government of India launched the ambitious scheme on June 14 with the aim to recruit soldiers in the armed forces for a four-year period. However, the scheme has drawn criticism from many armed forces aspirants who have raised concerns over the future of "Agniveers". They have said the process of recruitment should be the same as it was earlier for those who aspired to join the armed forces.

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Under the Agnipath scheme, soldiers will be released after four years of service and only 25 percent of soldiers will be re-inducted as permanent members of the armed forces. But this raises questions over what will be the future of Agniveers? Will there be limited opportunities for youth who get recruited under this scheme? Will it harm the effectiveness of the armed forces?
Do dispel all the criticism, government sources have busted some myths and have revealed more facts about the newly-launched scheme. Read on to find out facts about the scheme.
Myth: Future of Agniveers is insecure
Fact: For those aspiring to become entrepreneurs post the four years of service under the scheme, will be provided financial aid in the form of bank loans. Those who wish to study further, will be given 12 class equivalent certificates and bridging course for further studies.
For those wishing to obtain jobs, will be given priority in CAPFs and state police. Several avenues are also being opened up for them in other sectors.
Myth: Opportunities for youth will decrease as a result of Agnipath
Fact: Opportunities for youth who would serve in the armed forces will increase. In the coming years, recruitment of Agniveers will be around triple the current recruitment in armed forces.
Myth: Regimental bonding will be affected
Fact: No change is being done to the Regimental system. In fact, it will be accentuated because the best of Agniveers will be selected, further boosting the cohesiveness of the unit.
Myth: This will harm the effectiveness of the Armed Forces
Fact: Such short-term enlistment system exists in most countries and hence, is already tested out and considered the best practice for youthful and an agile army. The numbers of Agniveers to be recruited in the first year would only make up 3 percent of the armed forces. Moreover, the performance of the Agniveers will be tested before re-induction in the Army after four years. Hence, the Army will get the test-tried personnel for supervisory ranks.
Myth: 21-year-olds are immature and unreliable for the army
Fact: Most armies across the world depend upon their youth. At no point in time will there be more youngsters than experienced people. The present scheme will only bring about a right mix of 50-50 percent, slowly in a very long run, of youngsters and experienced supervisory ranks.
Myth: Agniveers will be a danger to society and join terrorists
Fact: This is an insult to the ethos and values of the Indian armed forces. Youngsters who have worn the uniform for four years will remain committed to the country for the rest of their lives. Even now, thousands of armed forces personnel retire with skills, but there have not been any instances of them joining anti-national forces.
Myth: No consultation was held with former armed forces officers
Fact: Extensive consultations with held with serving armed forces officers and were continuing for the last two years. The proposal has been framed by the Department of Military Officers, which is a department created by the current government and is staffed by military officers.
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