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    Wockhardt partners with Enso Healthcare to manufacture 620 million doses of Sputnik vaccines

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    Wockhardt partners with Enso Healthcare to manufacture 620 million doses of Sputnik vaccines


    Drug maker Wockhardt on Friday said it has inked a pact with the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) to produce and supply COVID-19 vaccines -- Sputnik V and Sputnik Light. The agreement has been inked under the aegis of Enso Healthcare (part of Enso Group), RDIF's coordination partner for sourcing Sputnik V vaccines in India.

    Wockhardt is in focus after the company signed a deal with Enso Healthcare, a Dubai based company to manufacture Sputnik V and Sputnik Light. The agreement is to manufacture up to 620 million doses.
    Habil F Khorakiwala, chairman, Wockhardt, said, “This is the tripartite agreement with Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and Enso Healthcare which we have, and this is to supply about 120 million doses by June 2022 and balance 500 by June 2023. So, this is something which we have been investing in terms of developing technology; transfer technology is more or less complete. One very unique part of our transaction is that we are the only company in India to supply Sputnik Light, which is a single dose vaccine versus Sputnik V, so we supply both. So that is as far as this transaction is concerned.”
    On vaccine business, he said, “As far as the vaccine business as a whole is concerned, we have already finished the agreement with Government of UK and that will go on till later part of next year.”
    He further said, “Our agreement currently is upto September 2022 and we expect that in the current year, because we started to supply the vaccine in the later part of the year, so I think we expect an order of around 40 million pounds of business coming in from the UK Government.”
    He added, “Additionally, we are also in discussion in India, to manufacture both vaccines. When something gets finalised, we will inform.”
    On revenues from Sputnik, Khorakiwala said, “I don't think I can reveal the numbers but generally, it is quite profitable and in a sense that roughly is $ 2 per dose, we have already invested part of the funding for this capacity. We also have other facilities available and depending on what we finalise, we will repurpose existing facility to make those vaccines. As far as fill finished facilities are concerned, we have quite a large facility available, we would have additional facility available in spite of meeting this requirement of Sputnik range of products with the other suppliers also.”
    On pricing pressure in US business, Khorakiwala said, “US business is relatively small and it represents about 12 to 15 percent of our value. There is definitely some pricing pressure, no doubt about that. Therefore, profitability is a challenge. But we are going to increase this business in the current year as we are getting third party manufacturing. Data numbers of ANDAs are already approved, so that is our plan here, we will do third party manufacturing and increase the topline.”
    For full management commentary, watch the video.
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