How much money private hospitals will make from COVID-19 vaccine doses?


The profit per jab, which is price charged minus cost, is Rs 170 for Max Healthcare, Rs 120 for Apollo Hospitals, and Rs 170 for Fortis.

Vaccination is the biggest focus area for countries around the world and India is no different. There are countless edits that have been written laying out what is the ideal way to go about it, how to price it, and how to increase the pace of it.
But the big question is the pricing of the vaccine at private hospitals.
The cost of purchase for hospitals from Serum Institute of India is Rs 600 plus GST of 5 percent, so that is Rs 630. Someone in a top private hospital said that the cost of vaccine plus GST plus storage plus logistics is around Rs 660-670 maximum. Assuming it Rs 100, it makes the total cost for hospitals as Rs 730. The average price charged to an individual is Rs 900 by Max Healthcare,  Rs 850 by Apollo Hospitals and Rs 850 for Fortis.
The profit per jab, which is price charged minus cost, is Rs 170 for Max Healthcare, Rs 120 for Apollo Hospitals, and Rs 120 for Fortis.
In terms of jabs per day, for now, the figures are as follows – 50,000 per day for Max Healthcare, 1.5 lakh for Apollo Hospitals, and 20,000 for Fortis.
Talking about profit per jab for 90 days will give an estimate of the quarterly profit. Max Healthcare is likely to make a profit of Rs 76 crore, Apollo Hospitals - Rs 162 crore, and Fortis - Rs 30 crore.
How many vaccine shots are given in a day at private hospitals
Max Healthcare: Till May 15, it administered 1.43 lakh jabs and can ramp up to 50,000 doses a day.
Apollo Hospitals: It is giving 70,000 jabs a day right now and will rise to 1 lakh jabs a day. It also has the bandwidth to raise the number of doses to 2 lakh a day.
Fortis: It can administer upto 20,000 doses a day.
S.No.ParticularsMax HealthcareApollo HospitalsFortis
1Covishied buy price from SII (in Rs)630630630
2Logistics & storage cost (in Rs)100100100
3Avg price for a consumer (in Rs)900850850
4Profit per jab (in Rs)170120120
6Quarterly profit (in Rs)76 crore162 crore30 crore

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