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    Gujarat man had a unique blood group, it is first case in India and 10th in world

    Gujarat man had a unique blood group, it is first case in India and 10th in world

    Gujarat man had a unique blood group, it is first case in India and 10th in world
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    Earlier there were only nine globally registered persons in the world with the unique blood type that was found in the 65-year-old man from Gujarat.

    A unique blood group was found in India for first time. This  is also the rarest blood type in the world. It was found in a 65-year-old man from Gujarat who was brought in for a surgery after he suffered a heart attack. However, the doctors could not find a match for his blood type and the surgery had to be postponed.
    It has been now identified that the man had EMM negative blood group, a unique blood type which cannot be categorised into the existing blood types of ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘O’ or ‘AB’.
    After the postponement of the surgery, the patient was given medicines to increase his haemoglobin levels. But he got infected with COVID-19 in between and died about a month ago, as per a Times Now report.
    How did the doctors find out the blood type?
    After the doctors in Rajkot couldn’t find a blood match for the patient, he was referred to Ahmedabad. However, doctors there too couldn't find a match, despite testing his daughter and son for a match.
    Then, Prathama Laboratory in Ahmedabad sent the blood sample to a lab in New York for testing. It took a year for the researchers to conclude that the blood group was AB+ blood group with EMM 'negative' frequency. Till then, there were only nine persons in the world to have EMM negative frequency blood type. Now, this man from Gujarat has been added to the list as the 10th person to have this blood type.
    Zalak Patel, a transfusion medicine specialist at the Red Cross Society, Ahmedabad, said that there are four types of blood groups in general. These consist of 42 types of systems, such as A, B, O, Rh and Duffy. There are also 375 types of antigens in which the EMM frequency is high. EMM antigens are antibodies which develop naturally in the body. However, this patient did not have EMM in his blood, news agency IANS reported.
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