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COVID 19: The second pandemic wave has hit these countries hard

COVID-19: The second pandemic wave has hit these countries hard

COVID-19: The second pandemic wave has hit these countries hard
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By Shivangi Pandey  Nov 2, 2020 12:35:31 PM IST (Published)

The Covid-19 infections in the second wave are far worse than the first in Europe.

Most European nations have reported a resurgence in the coronavirus infections, leading to a second wave of the deadly virus. In the month of June, July and August, Europe reported less than 20,000 cases per day. This is almost a third or fourth of what India alone was reporting. But the infections in the second wave are far worse than the first in Europe.

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Across the Atlantic, the United States has witnessed a slightly different trajectory than Europe. Since June, the daily numbers in the US have mostly been over 30,000. However, in August and September, it has been significantly lower than the cases it reported at its peak. Currently, the number of daily new cases has already crossed 88,000.
India is presently at the tail-end of the first wave, but the daily number of cases have been increasing. Let's take a look at the countries where worries persist over the second wave of the deadly virus presently:
1. Belgium

Already going through the world’s third-worst COVID-19 mortality per capita, Belgium is facing a steep rise in incidence, with more than 1,60,000 new cases since the beginning of September.

Belgium's testing system has reached its capacity of around 65,000 tests per day. Now, the testing is restricted to patients with symptoms. According to Politico, in the week leading to October 21, there were more than 8,000 new infections each day and the number of COVID-19 admissions to hospital doubled.

2. South Korea
The country had been quite successful in dealing with COVID-19 but now expects the pandemic to continue for months. Health officials in South Korea believe the country is going through a second wave of coronavirus, despite recording relatively low numbers. Just as the country announced it would be easing social distancing guidelines in early May, new cases spiked, partly due to infections among young people who visited nightclubs and bars in Seoul over the holiday weekend.
3. Iran 
Iran has reported more than 4,000 new cases of COVID-19. Most of the country is now put on red alert over the pandemic. This new surge is at par with March’s peak levels and suggests that the Middle Eastern country is being struck hardest by the second wave.
Iran has not imposed a mandatory lockdown on people to stop the virus's spread, but it closed schools, cancelled public events and banned movement between the country's 31 provinces in March. The government had lifted restrictions from April in order to reopen its economy.
4. Germany
On October 21, Germany recorded 11,287 new cases which is its highest ever daily total. Germany took swift action in order to curb the sharp rise in the infections. Curfews have been announced in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Bremen and Hamburg. Since October 20, Bavaria has been under a full lockdown with schools closed and residents asked to stay at home.
5. Spain
On October 21, Spain became the first European country to pass one million cases. The country relaxed one of the world’s longest lockdowns in May, but it struggled to contain outbreaks. Madrid accounted for around a third of the country’s cases and remains in limited lockdown, with travel only for work, school, or medical reasons.
The government is now considering a new national curfew while grappling with an underperforming test and trace system. Even the healthcare system is now buckling.
6. Czech Republic
A second national lockdown began on October 22 after the country recorded nearly 12,000 positive tests in a day. Even the Deputy Prime minister had tested positive. The Czech Republic was successful in avoiding the worst of the first wave. But the country now has the worst infection rate in Europe. Prague also witnessed violent clashes between anti-mask protesters and the police as the government struggled to convince the public of the ongoing danger.
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