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Coronavirus Special Podcast | When will lockdown end? What to do once restrictions are lifted?

There are multiple questions in our minds about the coronavirus pandemic -- like how long would the lockdown continue, will there be any risk if we go to crowded places once the restrictions are lifted, would the virus make a comeback and what needs to be done to stay safe in future.

Not many people have answers for these questions. But Dr Srinath Reddy, President PHFI and member of the ICMR task force that has been formed to battle the coronavirus pandemic, would clear many of your doubts in this exclusive conversation with CNBC-TV’s Archana Shukla.

They discuss everything about lockdown 2.0 and how testing of samples and numerous other precautions can help us win this battle against coronavirus.

Tune in to the CNBC-TV18.com coronavirus special podcast for more.
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