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    14 COVID-19 symptoms you should not ignore

    14 COVID-19 symptoms you should not ignore

    14 COVID-19 symptoms you should not ignore
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    COVID-19 is re-surging in the country with the rising number of cases and the coming festive season poses a risk of the spread of infection.

    India recorded 16,047 new coronavirus cases and 54 fatalities on Wednesday, August 10, as per the latest data from the Union Health Ministry. With this, the country's overall COVID-19 figures rose to 4,41,90,697 cases. Recently, in a letter, Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan alerted seven states as they continue to report a rise in Covid-19 cases.
    Experts have also warned against the surge and advised everyone to maintain Covid Appropriate Behaviour, especially as the festival season approaches. Social distancing, hand hygiene, wearing masks in public and avoiding overcrowded areas are some of the precautions people need to take. Also, spotting the symptoms of COVID 19 on time can help to curb the spread of the virus.
    Getting tested as soon as the symptoms are spotted and opting for isolation or treatment is an important step in controlling the spread of the infection.
    Here are 14 such COVID-19 symptoms that you should watch out for:

    1.  Fever

    Persistent mild to high fever can be a symptom of COVID-19 as your body could be fighting the viral infection.

    2.  Breathing problem

    Difficulty in breathing may also be a result of COVID-19 infection as the airways may be blocked by phlegm. Patients having trouble breathing should seek medical assistance immediately.

    3. Coughing

    A persistent dry cough and wheezing that eventually results in phlegm is a common symptom of COVID-19

    4.  Tightness of the chest

    Shortness of breath, chest congestion, chest pressure or pain while coughing are common and serious symptoms of COVID 19.

    5.   Running Nose

    A runny nose can be a symptom of the common cold or flu as well. However, it can also be COVID-19. If you have a cough, cold and fever with a runny nose, it is advisable to get tested.

    6.   Headache

    It is one of the most common signs of COVID-19. However, a headache alone may not be indicative of a COVID-19 infection.

    7.   Dizziness

    Headache, weakness and dizziness are the common early symptoms of COVID-19.

    8.  Pneumonia

    Pneumonia is a serious complication caused by COVID-19, which can turn fatal. Patients suffering from pneumonia-like symptoms should immediately seek medical care.

    9.  Loss of smell (anosmia)

    Loss of smell or anosmia is a common symptom of COVID-19. However, loss of smell can also be caused by other viral infections such as the common flu.

    10.    Loss of taste (Ageusia)

    Loss of taste or ageusia is another common symptom of COVID-19.

    11.  Dip in oxygen saturation (SpO2 < 94% on room air)

    A dip in SpO2 levels below 94 percent is a serious symptom of COVID-19. Patients experiencing lower levels of SpO2 may need oxygen and should seek immediate medical assistance.

    12. Persistent pain pressure in the chest

    Pain pressure in the chest is a symptom of COVID-19 that develops in the middle stages of the infection.
    13. Muscle or body aches
    Muscle or body aches are one of the most common early symptoms of COVID-19. However, such symptoms are also common in flu and cold as well.
    14. Diarrhoea
    Diarrhoea is a less common symptom of COVID-19. Patients suffering from diarrhoea along with other symptoms should get themselves tested.
    If you experience a combination of the above-mentioned symptoms, it is advisable to get tested and seek medical advice immediately.
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