Infosys still to fully resolve Income Tax portal issues; 10 lakh ITRs filed so far


Infosys said that several issues have been resolved and that the new portal has seen 10 lakh Income Tax returns filed so far. Infosys COO Pravin Rao said the portal is the "top priority" for the company.

Infosys still to fully resolve Income Tax portal issues; 10 lakh ITRs filed so far
Infosys is still working on resolving all the issues that taxpayers are facing on the new IncomeTax portal, a project that was contracted to the IT bellwether and for which the government has sanctioned Rs 4241 crore. The company said that several issues have been resolved, and that the new platform has seen 10 lakh Income Tax returns filed so far.
Infosys faced strong criticism from taxpayers over constant glitches on the platform since its launch on June 7. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had called for a meeting of Infosys executives on June 22 to address the issue, and during her visit to Bengaluru two weeks ago, she said that Infosys was still resolving issues and that a few were still unresolved.
Infosys COO Pravin Rao said during the company's Q1 earnings conference that the Income Tax portal is the "top priority" for the company.
"We are working hard to address all the issues raised with respect to the income tax portal. Many of the issues around performance and stability have been addressed. 10 lakh ITRs have been filed so far, 1 lakh ITRs were filed in a single day on Tuesday," Rao said.
"We have made progress on the income tax portal, we continue to face some issues on some functionalities. The Income tax portal is the single largest priority for us today. We are hopeful to address remaining concerns and roll out remaining functionalities in due course," he added.
Rao said the company has also invested in boosting leadership on the Income Tax portal.
FM Sitharaman had told the press during her Bengaluru visit on July 2 that during the June 22 meeting, the government got several taxpayers to air their grievances directly to the executives of Infosys, led by CEO Salil Parekh.
"We asked Infosys to address grievances of people from across the country. When Infosys came to North Block, several people voiced grievances. Infosys is still resolving the issues, they are still working on one or two more issues," she had said, addressing a query raised by CNBC TV 18.
The Infosys management was also recently grilled by several shareholders during its annual general meeting held on June 19 on the Income Tax platform glitches.

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