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Something from Tiffany’s movie review: A feel good romcom for the holidays

Something from Tiffany’s movie review: A feel-good romcom for the holidays

Something from Tiffany’s movie review: A feel-good romcom for the holidays
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By Sneha Bengani  Dec 9, 2022 5:35:48 PM IST (Published)

Directed by Daryl Wein, Something from Tiffany’s is your movie for the holidays as the year draws to an end. Starring Zoey Deutch and Kendrick Sampson in lead roles, it’s full of hope, cheer, serendipitous accidents, and the mad belief that anything can happen.

It’s Christmas Eve in New York City and two men head to the fabled Tiffany’s store to buy very different presents for their girlfriends. But as fate would have it, their purchases get exchanged and their lives intertwined, leading them to people they’d have never met otherwise.

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Based on Melissa Hill’s 2011 bestselling novel, Something from Tiffany’s is your quintessential Christmas rom-com brimming with hope, cheer, serendipitous accidents, and the mad belief that anything can happen. In an unusually bleak cinematic year overstuffed with crime thrillers and gory whodunits, it’s the second joyride to release in two months after Julia Roberts and George Clooney’s charming Ticket to Paradise earlier in November.
Though Ticket to Paradise is about a long-divorced couple reuniting to break their young daughter’s impending wedding, it has a lot in common with Something from Tiffany’s. Both films are celebratory in spirit feasting on the good and the beautiful. The excuse could be any—gorgeous people, jaw-dropping scenic locales, the contagious festive spirit, the unshakable belief in happily ever after, or even a quaint bakery serving cornetto with so much heart that it’d make you want to grab one at the earliest chance.
The two films share another commonality—their stories are predictable in a way your daily routine is and therefore, just as comforting. You know what is coming next long before it does and when the moment finally unfolds, you can’t help but smile knowingly. For doesn’t familiarity bring great reassurance? This is why we keep going back to certain films, songs, and people. Their magic lies not in the newness but in the easy intimacy that comes with having spent more time in their company than you care to recount.
Zoey Deutch and Kendrick Sampson’s on-screen chemistry as Rachel and Ethan is sparkling. They bring an effortless charm and lived-in quality to their characters. However, as winsome as they are, you need to watch out for Leah Jeffries who plays Ethan’s pre-teen daughter Daisy and Jojo T Gibbs who plays Rachel’s best friend and business partner Terri Blake. Both of them are absolute scene-stealers. And of course, there’s NYC, dazzling and shimmering in all its festive glory.
At 87 minutes, Something from Tiffany’s doesn’t have much time to give its characters to fully develop but considering that most of the film’s conflict is situational, you don’t mind it too much. Tamara Chestna’s screenplay lets you in just enough, opening a few windows to the characters’ past every now and then so it results in a picture not too incomplete.
I’m not sure if the film borrows these lines from Hill’s novel but it is big on dialogue that oscillates between truism and corny. When Rachel asks Ethan about his dead wife, he says, “She was like a song that you’d want to play over and over again.” Some part of her response to him includes, “The risk of love is loss.” In another scene, fed up with her boyfriend, Rachel tells him, “I’m not saying that it should be easy but it shouldn’t be this hard.”
But it’s not too difficult to make good of it all. Part of the reason is Deutch and Sampson’s guileless affability. Another is that it's the kind of film that you'd want to watch wearing your favorite ugly sweater and be generous towards by not analyzing it too much. And finally, in a world that’s suddenly gone bereft of good old romcoms, one of Rachel’s dialogues sums up the rest: “You got to love people (and films) while you can because there is no guarantee that they are going to be here tomorrow.”
Something from Tiffany’s is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.
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