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    Can’t wait for next Wordle puzzle? Here are some alternatives

    Can’t wait for next Wordle puzzle? Here are some alternatives

    Can’t wait for next Wordle puzzle? Here are some alternatives
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    The long (one-day) wait for the next word puzzle is driving Wordle fans crazy. Now they can take their pick from a host of clones like Absurdle, Hello Worldl, and even Sweardle.

    While Wordle, the online game, is creating a lot of buzz, it only offers a single puzzle in a day and then you have to wait till the next day for the next word. If you are a fan of Wordle, but can’t wait the whole day for the next puzzle, here are some alternatives that will keep you busy.
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    You can try Typeshift, a free word puzzle application. The concept is new as in the central row, there are different columns of letters that you can move up and down to form words. Every letter in every column must be used at least once, and there is one puzzle available every single day.
    This is a much more complex game, compared to Wordle. It is just as absurd, and complex, as it sounds. As you make more guesses, the game adjusts the rules and changes the word entirely based on the correct letters you guessed. You will, however, have an infinite number of chances to solve the puzzle as compensation.
    Hello Wordl
    The game is similar to Wordle, that you do not have to wait a full day for a new word after guessing the previous one. You can also change the number of letters of the guess word in Hello Wordl. As a result, you could be guessing 6-letter or 10-letter words. However, since the number of chances is limited to six, increasing the number of letters will make the game more difficult.
    Sweardle is a version of Wordle that offers you six chances to guess the four-letter word of the day but they will not be ordinary words. Rather, you will have to make smart guesses about swear words. Now is the time to put your logical skills and cuss word vocabulary to good use.
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