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Elon Musk 'rehires' two ‘laid-off’ Twitter employees who never worked there

Elon Musk 'rehires' two ‘laid-off’ Twitter employees who never worked there

Elon Musk 'rehires' two ‘laid-off’ Twitter employees who never worked there
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By Kanishka Sarkar  Nov 16, 2022 4:59 PM IST (Published)

Elon Musk this morning hinted that he has brought back two Twitter employees - Ligma and Johnson - and that it was a mistake to fire them. However, these two never really worked for Twitter. Here's the full story

Elon Musk is at it again, firing and hiring on Twitter for Twitter. The billionaire and new Twitter boss on Tuesday tweeted that he admits he was wrong to fire two of the social media giant’s employees and that it was one of his biggest mistakes. Except, the duo never worked there.

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Here’s what happened — Musk this morning tweeted his photograph with a Rahul Ligma and Daniel Johnson against the backdrop of a big Twitter logo. The photo was captioned, “Welcoming back Ligma & Johnson!” implying he rehired the two.
However, Ligma (a popular internet meme) and Johnson are two pranksters who pretended to be fired on the day of Twitter layoffs and tricked several media outlets into believing them. The two were photographed outside Twitter’s San Fransisco office seen leaving the premises with their boxes after having packed up for good to pose as if they were laid off. Several images and videos of the duo had gone viral then.
But, Musk did not seem to be played by the prank as he tweeted a rather witty response to the sacking of the two, saying “Ligma Johnson had it coming.”
Twitter boss’ latest tweet is being seen as his response to those trolling him for firing nearly half of the company’s 7,500 string workforce since he took it over in a $44 billion deal.
This comes two days after Musk sacked a Twitter employee via a tweet as he contested the new CEO's remark on the microblogging site being slow on Android devices. The billionaire, however, deleted the tweet later. Reports suggest several other engineers too have fired been let go after they raised similar concerns over Slack.
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