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Motilal Oswal
Jul 26, 2018 09:45 AM IST | Economy

The main trouble with public education in India — a severe resource crunch, finds study

According to a study by the Centre for Budget & Governance Accountability (CBGA), there is a shortage of more than five lakh teachers in government elementary schools.
CBGA recently analysed the education budgets of six states – Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, UP, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal – to check if states are prioritising education.
The teacher crisis is more severe at the secondary level as teachers specialising in subjects become scarce. Teachers of Maths, Science and English are the fewest, says CBGA researcher Protiva Kundu.
Published Date: Jul 26th, 2018 07:39 AM | Updated Date: Jul 26, 2018 09:45 AM IST

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