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Sky-bound Navi Mumbai airport leaves project-affected behind

Updated : October 17, 2019 05:55 PM IST

Delayed by years, the development work for Navi Mumbai international airport is going in full swing. Blasting of hills, levelling for ground and diversion of the Ulwe river for the project has already begun. The project is set to complete in 2021.
About 3,500 families are expected to be impacted by the project. While a section of them have taken compensation offered by the project developer, City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) and vacated their land, some have refused to vacate citing inadequate compensation. They hope elections will finally make the party leaders listen to their demands.
Environmentalists believe they are fighting a lone battle as the impact of the project on local ecology has not been high on anyone’s agenda. They fear the project is a disaster in the making as it is being developed in a flood-prone area.
Sky-bound Navi Mumbai airport leaves project-affected behind

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