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FIFA World Cup over the years

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FIFA World Cup over the years


Interesting facts and stats about the FIFA World Cup for our football fanatics.

FIFA World Cup over the years
The clock is ticking for the most awaited event for the football lovers around the world, the FIFA World Cup.
This football festival comes round once every four years, and becomes the most viewed sporting event in the world.
This edition of the event, hosted by Russia, will be the 21st staging of the FIFA World Cup, which kicks off this June 14th.
Here are some interesting facts and stats about the FIFA World Cup for our football fanatics.
In this edition of the world cup, thirty two countries will compete, with Iceland and Panama making their debuts in the competition. The first edition of the FIFA World Cup in 1930 had 13 participating countries. FIFA World Cup 2018 might well be the last World Cup with 32 nations.
Though the change to 48 teams is to be implemented from the 2026 edition but the FIFA president is reportedly considering a request from CONMEBOL—the South American Football Confederation. So, if FIFA accepts the request, the change may come into effect from Qatar 2022 itself.
For the FIFA World Cup 2018, Russia around $12 billion in order to build the infrastructure. Which is almost 3x of what Brazil has reportedly spent in the last edition. Huge amount of money is spent to organize this event and so is the prize money. The total prize money for this year’s FIFA World Cup is around $791 million. The total prize money has taken more than five folds in last five editions of the FIFA World Cup events.
The host of the previous edition of the world cup – Brazil, holds the record of playing maximum number of finals (7) and also has maximum number of World cup wins (5) against their name. Brazil is followed by Italy, which has played 6 finals so far.
Brazil not only has maximum world cup wins, but it’s a Brazilian again, who tops the chart with maximum number of goals in a world cup.
Remember Just Fontaine in the previous list, the fourth highest goal scorer in world cups overall? He scored all those goals in just one World Cup in 1958 and claimed the Golden Boot award. Golden Boot is awarded to the playing who scores maximum goals in a World Cup. Look at who all have won Golden Boot over the years –
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