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Check out the Kiki challenge equivalents in food

Check out the Kiki challenge equivalents in food

Check out the Kiki challenge equivalents in food
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By Sharon Fernandes  Aug 3, 2018 5:59:09 PM IST (Updated)

A milkshake with toppings higher than a wedding cake. Your drink looks like dolled-up gaudy Marie Antoinette.

There is nothing funny or exciting seeing people jump out of cars and dance-slide while a silly song plays on the car-stereo. This viral challenge of boogying to Canadian rapper Drake’s song, In My Feelings, has already had its share of victims.

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Not exactly an honourable way to leave this world, dancing in a busy street, outside a moving car asking, 'Kiki, do you love me?” And not just the Kiki challenge, there are other even more puerile challenges in the news. The US President has taken up an inane task of "Stopping a war on Christmas".
So between Kiki and watching a first world superpower decide whether to wish “Merry Christmas or not”, there are our daily challenges of dealing with trivial people.
Even food isn't spared. How about the Freakshake? A milkshake with toppings higher than a wedding cake. Your drink looks like dolled-up gaudy Marie Antoinette, with waffles, pretzels, brownies, marshmallows in a gravity-defying messy sculpture. And it is served mostly, again in the most Kiki-est vessel possible, the mason jar. The extravagance is not always visually appealing- Indian summer, meet melting icecream mountain, the mess is real.
The next silly food trend is also in the ice-cream zone, the rolled ice cream. Where good ol’ice-cream is mashed and mixed again with everything under the sun, and then rolled out on a frozen slab. The ice-cream gets a licking, not the one that it deserves though. At the end you get rolls of ice cream, made to stand up and behave itself, in a cup. It is honestly, not even as creamy as really good ice-cream.
To go to the darker side of inane food trends, literally, how about sipping on some charcoal? There is a tidal wave of charcoal infused juices and shakes. And this charcoal sipping is made into the most necessary food trend, by one simple word-Activated
This activated charcoal is supposed to go deep inside and cleanse your system --from binge-drinking one too many cocktails-- in one gulp! It may even whiten your teeth as you sip it, before ‘super-cleansing’ your intestines. The jury is still out among scientists if ingesting charcoal helps the human body, but Instagram followers have already swallowed gallons of the stuff, and have photos to prove it.
The other big daddy of silly food trends is liquid nitrogen, so what if you read about it burning a hole in the stomach of a Delhi man, you know it makes your drink look heavenly. Wisps of smoke that ensconce your plate or glass.
An angelic ‘aaaaaaah’ reverberates in your head as you see white smoke parting around your food. How beautiful, certainly a must have for every expensive dish you order at the fancy restaurant.
Maybe the Kiki challenge needs to add it to the whole performance, so step out of the fog, on to a busy street, and ask ‘Kiki do you love me?’ . If you live, you can take Kiki out for a freakshake. But honestly, Kiki doesn’t love you. Stay in your car, and throw out the charcoal juice.
Sharon Fernandes is a journalist based in Delhi.
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