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    Tamadoge: A meme coin that raised $15 million in presale and is pegged to rally 10X in the future

    Tamadoge: A meme coin that raised $15 million in presale and is pegged to rally 10X in the future

    Tamadoge: A meme coin that raised $15 million in presale and is pegged to rally 10X in the future
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    Tag along as we take a closer look at Tamadoge, what it is, and the milestones it has achieved so far.

    Earlier in August, we covered two up-and-coming meme coins, Saudi Shiba Inu (SAUDISHIB) and Tamadoge (TAMA). At the time, Saudi Shiba had registered gains of up to 450 percent, which have more or less fizzled out since then. On the other hand, Tamadoge continued to show signs of promise.
    Being one of the only meme coins with actual utility, it had the makings of a lucrative project. One month later, and true to our prediction, TAMA has seen a lot of success, with several experts expecting it to moon in the coming months.
    Tag along as we take a closer look at Tamadoge, what it is, and the milestones it has achieved so far.
    So what is Tamadoge?
    Tamadoge is a unique combination of a meme coin, a play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse game and NFTs. The game revolves around digital pets that double as NFTs and the platform's native cryptocurrency TAMA. All of these aspects converge in a vibrant metaverse, known as the Tamaverse, through which users can meet, hang out, and compete with each other through various challenges.
    The game stems from Tamagotchi, a collection of handheld digital pets created by the Japanese toy manufacturer Bandai in the late 90s. Like its predecessor, Tamaverse also revolves around breeding, training and battling other users' Tamadoge pets.
    These pets are minted as babies, and users need to feed and take care of them until they are ready for battle. Users receive Dogepoints for winning battles and can redeem these points to acquire Tamadoge (TAMA) tokens from the monthly Dogepool.
    The Tamadoge roadmap
    The platform also has an extensive roadmap, including the launch of P2E arcade games and an augmented reality smartphone app, like Pokémon Go. The platform is also looking to add augmented reality support by Q4 of 2023. This will allow users to almost touch their pets in real life.
    Tamadoge also scores big on the trust factor, with CoinSniper carrying out a full KYC on its founding members and a ‘100 percent secure' label from the Solid Proof audit. Another plus to Tamadoge is its burn mechanism.
    Users can buy NFTs and related in-game items from the Tamadoge NFT Petstore. The platform plans to burn 5 percent of all the revenue it earns from these sales. This should increase the scarcity of tokens and create a conducive environment for price appreciation in the future.
    Tamadoge tokenomics
    TAMA operates as the native cryptocurrency and governance token of the platform. In all, it has a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens, out of which 1 billion tokens are up for sale through the platform's presale event, which is currently running. The remaining tokens will be minted over the next ten years and will also be listed on centralised and decentralised exchanges.
    TAMA raises $15 million in presale
    Thanks to its impressive utility, features and roadmap, Tamadoge has enjoyed a successful presale. It was originally planned as a beta event that would run between July and October. However, as of today, more than 90 percent of the 1 billion tokens have already been sold. As a result, the project has racked up more than $15 million of its $16 million sales target, and the presale should close a month in advance.
    Experts predict massive gains for Tamadoge
    While the initial success of Tamadoge is commendable, experts see the project booming even further in the future. The fact that its presale performance has exceeded that of Ethereum and popular move-to-earn platform Stepn is an excellent indicator of this future growth potential.
    Some experts predict a 10X growth by 2023, while others are slating a 50X price spurt. The token has already shown massive gains — those who bought TAMA at $0.01 per token during the beta presale will have registered over 400 percent returns. This is because, currently, you can only get 36.36 TAMA for 1 USDT (equivalent to $1). This will further decrease to 33.33 TAMA once the presale is complete.
    How to buy Tamadoge?
    Participating in the presale is a good idea if you wish to purchase Tamadoge before this potential price spike. All you need to do is create a wallet, buy some USDT/ETH, link the wallet to the presale and use the USDT/ETH to make your purchase. Once the presale is complete, you will be provided with an option to claim your tokens.
    The platform is also running a contest where one lucky user will have the chance to win $100,000 worth of TAMA tokens. To participate in this giveaway, users must complete nine simple tasks, as highlighted on the Tamadoge website.
    Tamadoge seems to have all the making of a successful project. However, the cryptoverse is a strange place where nothing is ever certain. Therefore, if you plan to invest in this upcoming meme coin, do your research and commit only what you can afford to lose.
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