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Could you crack Elon Musk’s latest cryptic tweet? It has a Bitcoin connection

Could you crack Elon Musk’s latest cryptic tweet? It has a Bitcoin connection

Could you crack Elon Musk’s latest cryptic tweet? It has a Bitcoin connection
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By CNBCTV18.com Mar 9, 2022 7:29:13 PM IST (Published)

The Tesla CEO, notorious for his cryptic crypto tweets, posted another puzzle where he circled parts of the names of five tech brand logos.

Elon Musk often posts cryptic tweets on crypto, his business rivals and much more. Recently, when he tweeted out a picture containing brand logos of five tech companies and encircled a few letters in each of their names, his fans began to decode the hidden message.

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For those who couldn’t crack it, here is the solution. The encircled letters are SA, TOSHI, NAKA, MOTO or Satoshi Nakamoto. But what does it mean? Well, Satoshi Nakamoto was the pseudonym used by the person or group of persons who developed Bitcoin in 2009. Nakamoto authored the Bitcoin white paper, and created and deployed Bitcoin's original reference implementation.

As part of the implementation, Nakamoto also devised the first blockchain database. In 2011, Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared from the web after writing an email to Bitcoin core developer Mike Hearn, which said, “the future of Bitcoin is in good hands.”

Dogecoin creator, who goes by the pseudonym Shibetoshi Nakamoto, and has a verified Twitter account, replied: “Woa the creator of bitcoin is half Japanese, a quarter Korean and a quarter American.”

In the past, netizens had speculated Elon Musk was actually Satoshi Nakamoto. He later clarified on Twitter that he was not behind the origin of Bitcoin. In fact, in December last year, Musk was reported as saying that the mysterious and elusive founder of Bitcoin could be famous crypto expert Nick Szabo.

"He seems to be the one more responsible for the ideas behind bitcoin than anyone else. He claims not to be Nakamoto, but I'm not sure that's neither here nor there," the Tesla CEO reportedly said.

However, Musk’s latest tweet has sparked fresh speculation about the identity of the mysterious figure.

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