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What if we die?: One of the many thoughts that anxious flyers have while travelling

What if we die?: One of the many thoughts that anxious flyers have while travelling
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By Nidhi Chugh  Apr 26, 2019 5:45:36 PM IST (Updated)

Each and every flyer has feared the possibility of the plane crashing as soon as they take their seats.

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The airlines will be hustling and bustling with all kinds of flyers — the anxious ones, the impatient ones, the forever-annoyed ones and the cautious ones.
Here are some of the legit thoughts an anxious flyer: 
Plane delay
Nowadays, airlines delaying their departure has become a sort of a normal thing. But it does not stop the angsty ones to wonder:
"Will the flight take off on time? Or will they just delay it, like the last time?"
"Please God, the plane should take off on time... I don't have the patience to deal with this right now."
And for the ones who make up a scenario in their head..
"Should I ask the crew members how long it will take for the plane to take off? No, I shouldn't.. they'll probably just say 'the flight will take off as soon as everybody has boarded'" 
Possibility of death
Each and every flyer has feared the possibility of the plane crashing as soon as they take their seats;  be it during a turbulence or at the time of a bad weather or during the safety demonstration.
At least once while flying, a flyer would have thought about a plane crash.
"What if the plane crashes and I die? Or we all die?"
The anxiety leads to immediate prayers.
Oh wait, let's not forget how some travellers react when there is a turbulence.
"We are going to die, we are going to die, we are going die!" (some even shout it out.)
These, to some, can come across as hilarious and also annoying, if their fellow traveller is trying to sleep. 
There's more.
"What's happening? Are we going to die? Should we pull out the oxygen mask? I should have never come on this plane! I could have just gone by train!"
Some get so angsty that they call the crew members. Yes, overthinking can really make you question your choices.
Before the flight takes off, it is necessary for the flight crew to give a demonstration of the safety rules — how to wear and fix the seat belt, how to use the oxygen mask, how to wear and use the life jacket, what the travellers have to do in case of an emergency landing and how to open the door if they are seated next to the emergency door, and how many and where the plane exits are so that they choose the one closes to their seat.
Every flyer has to be aware of the safety drill if at all something happens, which is not good news for our fellow over-thinkers.
When a crew member is demonstrating the safety measures, this is how some feel.
"Why is she taking out a life jacket? Is this plane going to crash? Are we going to drown and die in water? What if that life jacket is torn or does not work? I don't want to drown! I should have just taken the train!"
Wait, it does not end here.
"Why is he telling about how to open an emergency door? Do they not know how to fly a plane? Why should I know? Oh, wait. Are we going to die?!"
There's more. If the flight while flying encounters bad weather, the crew immediately announces that the passengers are required to put on their seatbelts.
Sometimes, it just escalates to something else...
"Is there going to be a double death situation? Dying in the plane or dying because of a cyclone? Or is it a Hurricane? Does that mean I'm not safe in the plane and outside as well? Why is God doing this to me?!"
It's funny because studies have shown that flying is less risky than other modes of transport. But that doesn't stop us from worrying. In the last two decades, airline safety has improved further and fatal accidents are steadily declining, according to a study by the Aviation Safety Network.
Dealing with crew members
The possibility of death is just one of the many thoughts they have. Dealing with crew members or wondering how they will react if they ask for a refill, well, the list goes on.
On asking for food after the crew has already done serving the passengers:
"I'm really hungry now... Should have just got a sandwich. You think I can ask them for a sandwich now? No, no. They'll get irritated. But it's their job! *Sigh* I'm sure by the time this conversation is over in my head, I'd probably land."
"I wonder if I can ask them for a refill... But what if they think that I'm a miser?"
And for those who have to use the washroom after the crew has announced that restrooms are closed for the moment.
"I really have to go to the washroom... Why do I always have to go at the wrong time? I hope this plane lands right now! I wonder if the crew will let me use the washroom as a special case.. I should probably give it a shot."
We're sure that out of the many possible thoughts listed out, you can relate to at least a few!
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