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    Three food and travel shows on Netflix to binge on in lockdown 3.0

    Three food and travel shows on Netflix to binge on in lockdown 3.0

    Three food and travel shows on Netflix to binge on in lockdown 3.0
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    By Jude Sannith   IST (Updated)


    Here are three Netflix shows to binge on, which could add to your ‘things to eat’ list, and help chalk up travel plans for later.

    You don’t need number-crunching or detailed analysis to tell you that the two things we probably miss the most during the COVID-19 lockdown are travel and eating out, and why not? With several countries in sustained periods of lockdown, and international air travel almost non-existent on account of the pandemic, it is natural to feel a more pronounced sense of wanderlust... and well... plain hungry.
    So, here are three Netflix shows to binge on, which could add to your ‘things to eat’ list, and help chalk up travel plans for later.
    Somebody Feed Phil
    One of those hidden gems that don’t get talked about as much as the classics, Somebody Feed Phil springs up the most delightful gastronomic surprises once you begin watching. The show comprises two seasons of great food-and-travel content that sees American television writer Phil Rosenthal travel the world and explore cuisines at well-known restaurants.
    From food havens like Bangkok and Mexico City, and tourist towns like Lisbon and Venice, to certified food paradises like New Orleans and New York City, Phil travels the world with just one rider — he needs to be fed, and somebody’s got to do it! The ‘Lisbon’ episode in particular, must be singled out for special praise for the manner in which it takes us on a journey to one of Europe’s lesser-visited — albeit more colourful — capital cities for an intro to eclectic Portuguese cuisine. Don’t miss out on the New York City episode either, which is a visual and gastronomic trip to the city’s pizzerias, steak houses, delis and a South Indian canteen serving Masala and Onion Rava Dosa.
    Although appetizing, visually stunning and full of wanderlust, what truly makes Somebody Feed Phil good, entertaining television is Rosenthal’s Mr-Bean-like demeanour, quirks and comic timing. You don’t get comedy, gastronomy, and wanderlust in a single serving like this one, which makes it a must-watch during Lockdown 3.0.
    Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    From the creators of Ugly Delicious, comes Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner,
    which sees celebrity chef and now accomplished television host, David Chang meet four different celebrities in four different cities across the world, to explore both the cuisine and culture associated with the city in question. The only catch: the featured celebrity gets to pick the city of their choice.
    So, watch comedian Seth Rogen re-visit Vancouver’s Chinese restaurants where he spent his childhood, even as he and Chang go on a crab-catching expedition, while comedian and celebrated LGBT icon Lena Waithe gets her hands messy eating shrimp while talking culture and inclusiveness at Los Angeles' laid-back food joints. The two other episodes feature American television personalities Chrissy Teigen and Kate McKinnon who travel across Marrakesh in Morocco and Phnom Penh, Cambodia, as they explore these cities’ culinary intricacies with Chang.
    Fair warning: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner isn’t only all about food. In fact, it may not satiate your travel craving either, as it delves deep into sociological, historical and cultural sinkholes of these towns, with some nostalgia to boot. It’s the kind of show that grows on you, while ensuring that food and travel are but the supporting act. Fair warning#2: Seth Rogen’s laugh can get annoying.
    Dark Tourist
    The only entry on this list without a food connection has made it for one specific reason: Dark Tourist is the kind of show that will blow your mind, purely for the strength and uniqueness of its content. It follows New-Zealand-based journalist David Farrier who explores the sub-culture of dark tourism, which sees travellers flock to the world’s most unconventional travel destinations — all of them with a history of death, destruction, tragedy or secrecy.
    With this single-minded purpose, Farrier packs his bags off to destinations like Tomioka in Japan, which was one of the cities evacuated during the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011 to join tourists in hazmat suits taking a tour of a heavily radioactive ghost town. Episodes also feature the mysterious Republic of Turkmenistan notorious for its clampdown on independent media and religious freedom and Myanmar’s relatively new capital city, Naypyidaw with its eerie emptiness and vacant four-lane highways. Farrier’s experiences include participating in Mexico’s Santa Muerte festival that celebrates death, and an unnerving voodoo ritual in Africa, among other obscure, dark and frightening practices.
    Quite simply, Dark Tourist is that travel show, which features places you probably never dreamed of visiting. And since it’s highly unlikely that you would ever give radioactive cities or frightening rituals a shot, Farrier’s journeys are weirdly voyeuristic, provocative and extremely fascinating. Dark Tourist is another hidden gem on Netflix.
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