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    This is how Capgemini plans to beat the Great Resignation

    This is how Capgemini plans to beat the Great Resignation

    This is how Capgemini plans to beat the Great Resignation
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    By CNBCTV18.com  IST (Updated)


    Capgemini is open to hiring students and retired people to counteract the rising attrition rate. But it is most keen on onboarding individuals who have just resigned to its talent pool.

    IT services and consulting companies are finding it hard to deal with the rising attrition rates amid the Great Resignation. But for French multinational giant Capgemini, the answer to such problems lies in onboarding students and retired individuals.

    “I can onboard and train people at a very low cost. So, I can have students or even retired people or somebody who has no technological background train them because it doesn’t cost a lot to train people. So, you have to start thinking differently,” said Aiman Ezzat, the Global Chief Executive Officer of Capgemini, at the 30th edition of the Nasscom Technology and Leadership Forum on February 17.

    The Great Resignation has led to higher attrition rates as well as an increased war for experienced talent in the global talent pool. Indian and foreign IT companies operating in India have not been immune to this effect either. Companies are already on a hiring spree to stave off increasing attrition and also meet the rising demand as the world rapidly adopts digitisation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Capgemini's headcount stood at 324,700 at the end of December 2021, over 50 percent of its staff being located in India.

    “We have half of our staff today in India. We are growing very fast, and attracting a lot of talent. We are growing the role of India,” Ezzat said

    “We have grown the pool of Indian executives in the firm. In the future, there will probably be more Indian senior executives overall in Capgemini,” he added.

    The company has been also looking to onboard employees who have previously resigned as an effective method to increase its talent pool.

    “I have been telling my team that their next best recruit is a person who has just resigned. Because this is the person you want back. We have been taking initiatives to bring back some of these people after six months or after one year, and we have been very successful in achieving this,” he added.

    Ezzat added that the emergence of technologies like quantum computing, Metaverse, and synthetic could drive future growth and change the industry as it currently stands.

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