Products made and sold in India 100% veg, Cadbury clarifies after 'beef' tweet


A section of Twitterati was up in arms against Cadbury after a viral tweet alluded to beef being used in its products.

Products made and sold in India 100% veg, Cadbury clarifies after 'beef' tweet
Cadbury has clarified that its products made and sold in India are 100 percent vegetarian. The clarification came after a screenshot claiming that the company uses gelatin in its products went viral on Twitter recently.
The viral tweet alluded to beef (in the form of gelatin) being used in vegetarian products being sold by the company. The screenshot was allegedly taken from a website saying that if a product contains gelatine as an ingredient it means it was derived from beef.
Soon users called for a boycott of Cadbury's products. Others said the company must be penalised for misguiding consumers.
Another user Rajesh Gehani pointed out that Mondelez Australia has admitted that if they use gelatin in products, the gelatin used is halal certified and derived from beef.
The company, however, said the screenshot in the tweet is not related to Mondelez products made in India. British company Mondelez owns Cadbury. It reiterated that the green dot on wrapper signifies all the products made and sold in India are 100 percent vegetarian.
The company mentioned that such negative posts damage consumer confidence in its well-respected and loved brands, including Cadbury.
Mondelez asked people to verify factual information before sharing such screenshots.
Some Twitter users celebrated after the clarification that Cadbury's Indian version is "pure pure and double pure, 100 percent vegetarian."
Others tweeted about Mondelez UK’s earlier clarification dating back to September 2020, where it said that it uses milk and eggs as the key ingredients in chocolates.
Some users, including self-proclaimed ‘factarian’ Madhu P. Kishwar asked the Union Minister of Consumer Affairs Piyush Goyal to ask Mondelez to clarify on the matter. She tweeted that our ancestors and gurus sacrificed their lives but did not accept eating beef but "post independence" rulers have allowed our dharma to be violated with impunity.
Another user if asked emulsifiers are vegetarian, citing that @fssaiindia (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) clarified in an RTI that they do not have any method to check this.

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